Sunday 30 July 2017

Comic con San Diëgo 2017

Let's see, for as far as i've checked out Comic con had a lot of big suprises in store for the upcomming MCU movies. Lets begin!

First of all, what about this trailer!!!

DAMN! Hulk finally talks?! Boy I can't wait to see how he and Thor have the brotherly testosterone fights just like they already have in the cartoon versions. We'll post more about the trailers details later.

Moving on! The defenders have been busy aswell!

I Love how Jessica Jones is all 'no it isn't' about the Iron Fists Chi. Some major team up's upcoming year and talking about major team up's!

How about this! I'm sorry if i've said this before but this looks epic! Every single Marvel movie since phase 2 has been leading to this one. I don't think such a huge project has ever been done, certainly not in the superhero bussiness.
Again a lot to talk about on this poster, stuff I wil come back to later on. 

Finaly we have two new posters that look amazing.


Again, I'm really sorry i'm so late with all this stuff. Enjoy it anyway and i'll be back soon with some new posts! 

Wednesday 7 June 2017


You might know this one from the x-men 2 movie or the Deadpool film. I think it's a fun character so here's a little extra about Colossus.

Piotr Rasputin was born and raised in (you guessed it!) Russia. He worked on a collective farm and when his powers fist emerged he used them to help his fellow farmers. Piotr always knew he had a greater path in front of him. When the x-men were in trouble Xavier formed a new team of mutants to save his original x-men and this is when he contacted Piotr. The young Russian agreed to leave his native land and went to the US to train with Xavier.
Soon Xavier gave him the code name Colossus and when they managed to save the original x-men Colossus decided to stay in the US and remain an x-men.

I think it's a fun character and hope he'll return in the second Deadpool or who knows? Maybe we'll see him in future x-men movies.

Sunday 4 June 2017

Weapon II

Weapon II, probably doesn't ring a bell does it? That's because it's a funny little side character from the wolverine storylines. Maybe you know one of his famous quotes? "I'm the best there is at what I do, but mostly what I do is gather nuts of winter." Still nothing? Ok, I present to you: weapon II.

 Before the Weapon X experiment started there was a different organisation called "Weapon Plus". They were the first group of people creating living weapons and experimented mostly on animals.

Weapon II has all the abilities of Wolverine in addition of a enhanced brain. Now I know this little one will probably never appear in the MCU but am I the only one who'd love to see him face off against Rocket Raccoon? Maybe one day who knows!

Sunday 28 May 2017


There should be comming a 'New-mutants' film adaption in 2018, the whole movie is still in pre- production but the story should be about a group of youngh mutants graduating Charles Xaviers home for the gifted. There are two roles they already gave away and one of them is Wolfsbane which will be played by Maisie Williams whom you might know from the game of thrones series (Where she plays Arya).
Here's a little info about the character!

Rahne Sinclair was born and raised in Scotland. She was raised by a fanatical minister called Reverend Craig. When she hit puberty her mutant powers started to developpe. She gained the power to transform into a wolf. When the minister saw this he claimed she was possesed by the devil and wanted to hunt her down.
The girl ran away in wolf form but was shot. She shape shifted back to her human form and was saved by a scientist called MacTaggert. Later when she healed she descided to join a group called the New Mutants, leaded by a friend of MacTaggert called Professor X. Later Cable reorganised the group calling them the X- Force.

I hope Fox makes a great movie out of this. It should air after the second Deadpool movie so Cable could appear in it. If they play there cards right they might form a X-Force franchise in the future!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Origan of the corrupt symbiotes like Venom

I while back we made a post about venom, a villain who faces Spiderman from time to time. Now I wanted to share where the symbiotes came from.

It all starts with an even more dangerous villian Thanos, at a time he visited a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy inhabited with a peaceful race of symbiotes called the Klyntar. The alien symbiotes lived in symbiosis with the other life forms on their home planet. They endeavored to create an intergalactic peacekeeping society by using the symbiosis they need to subsist in order to transform worthy hosts into the ultimate noble warriors, the Agents of the Cosmos. However, to achieve this perfect symbiosis, the host must have a perfect blend of moral and physical ideals. If not, the resulting symbiosis would corrupt both the Klyntar and its host. Symbiotes are fully aware and sentient creatures, but when corrupted they are vicious and wild, compelling their hosts to violence and corrupting them.

Now to continue the story,

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Black Bolt

Since the first images of The Inhumans franchise have been released I thought it wouldn't be the worst idea to paint a little picture about their king who goes by the alias 'Black Bolt'.

Eversince he was a baby Black Bolt was able to manipulate sound. Since he was so small his father locked him away in a silent room where he learned his son to control his powers. When he was old and strong enough to be welcomed back into the Inhuman society Black Bolt vowed to never speak again.

Soon Black Bolt learned about his brother Maximus who was making deals with the Kree. Black Bolt in his curiosity tried to stop a Kree ship that was leaving from a meeting with Maximus but instead he crashed the ship killing a few innocent inhumans amongst which his parents.

Since that day he wore the crown of the Inhuman society and ruled them fair. Even though the Inhumans wished to live in secret Black Bolt appeared in some other superhero stories mostly as a unexpected helping hand.

During the civil war he stayed neutral not picking Tony nor Captain's side.

Thursday 27 April 2017


We've already reviewed the movie 'X-men Apocalypse' where I stated that I believe they killed him off way to easily since he's only one of the biggest badass bad guy Marvel knows. The next movie is rumored toe be called 'X-men the dark phoenix' which could very well be true since they gave us a glimpse of the phoenix in the Apocalypse franchise.

Born nearly 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Apocalypse is one of the earliest known mutant humans. As "En Sabah Nur" or "the first one" he traveled the world for thousands of years, creating wars to test which nations were strongest, he was worshipped as a god.
In the 20th  century he decided -you guessed it- that mutants were superior to humans and he believes it's but a matter of time before humans will extinct. He's more than willing to help nature a hand in that matter.

This is how he often battled the X-men and X-factor, who were dedicated to peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.
Through his extreme long life his body eventually wears out and since that day he travels from one host body to an other from time to time.
In the comic 'Age of Apocalypse' he's able to conquer North America and enslave the whole human population before Magneto kills him.

A bit more spectacular than the teenager team-up against him in the last movie I would say. I believe it's hard to introduce and defeat such major bad guy's in one movie, so my expectations are high for the two parts franchise of the avengers agains Thanos!

Wednesday 19 April 2017


Today I'll tell you a little something about Leader. A well known villain in the Marvel comics and he's hidden in a Easter egg in the Incredible Hulk franchise (get it? easter..).

Samuel Stern dropped out of school and started working in a US government research facility. During the job an accident accused during work and he got bombarded by intense gamma radiation. Because of this accident Stern gained an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
As his intelligence expanded so did his brain. Sadly his increased intellectual capacity was not matched by emotional maturity. He hated government corruption and thought it was his job to rule the human race, hence his codename Leader.

Over the years he did many efforts to actually become the world leader without success. Hulk is the hero who's always able to shut his plans down.

In the Incredible Hulk you'll notice that Stern is doctor 'red' who tries to cure Banner from his radiation. When he betrays Banner by helping the abomination a few drips of Banner's blood drip on his head and you can even see his brain grow for a few seconds.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Legion, my honest opinion.

Hey everybody, today I'll be talking about the series Legion. Originally I wasn't going to watch the series until later but since I read a lot of strong opinions about it I went along and watched it anyway.

Before you read further you should be aware this post contains spoilers and I'll be telling you my own opinion so it'll be my view on the series which very well could be a whole different view of yours. This doesn't mean one of us is wrong, it just means we experienced it differently.

When I started watching it didn't make a lot of sense to me. The storyline was very vague and it was exhausting to keep track with what was actually happening and what was a hallucination of David. As the series evolved it got a lot more interesting getting to know the other characters and learning about what's actually wrong with David but I have to say I found the storyline very slow.

A lot of things happened for no reason and didn't add a lot to the story. As an example the doctor, You see a lot of fragments of David's memory where he went to a psychologist. They spend a lot of time trying to find out what happened there and what he did to the doctor. When they finally find the doctor it turns out to be a set up and the bad guy's are there waiting for them but that doesn't take away we still don't know what happened.
Same story goes for his adoptive dad who used to read abusive stories to David when he was a child. The cartoon of 'the angriest boy ever' is used as a version of Farouk The Shadow King throughout the whole story but apart from that we don't really get to see the end of the story. Was his adoptive dad abusive? Were the times he read the stories hallucinations as well?

I did like the part where David was trapped by Farouk but his sub consciousness creates a different version of himself and the two David's come to learn about how to properly wage a mind control war.

I'm left with a lot of questions. What's the deal with Oliver, I'm guessing we'll learn a lot more about his gifts in season two? The Lenny we saw first in the looney bin, she was real right? Syd could see her so she must have been but than again other people claimed she was a guy the whole time? What was that all about?

Basically if found it a little bit much. I was waiting for a grand finally but it didn't really came. I had a hard time keeping track and I didn't enjoyed it as much as I'd hoped.
I'm not saying it's a bad series, I imagine a lot of people did enjoy it but it wasn't really my thing. That doesn't take away that I hope you'll enjoy it if you consider watching it!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Davos (the steel serpent)

Again an Iron fist post, I know but hey! We have to keep up with the new stuff right? Again, if you haven't watched the series you might want to wait out on this post!

As you've seen Davos is one of the brothers Danny had in K'un-Lun. Soon you kind off see how he envies Danny and really doesn't understand how he didn't become the Iron Fist. He has no feelings for humanity and sees Danny as an idiot for abandoning his post at the gates of K'un-Lun.
Seeing this I thought there might be more about this character so I looked him up. After reading a great deal about him I think we'll see a lot more of him in the future series.

In the comics Davos isn't able to get over the fact that he isn't the Iron fist and eventually he goes to the dragon Shou-Lao to challenge him. This is strictly forbidden by his father Lei Kung who is also the ruler of K'un-Lun. There is only supposed to be one Iron Fist and the chosen one can challenge the dragon, nobody els.
Davos gains the power of the Fist but is banished by his father. He than goes to earth blaming Danny for all of his misery. He called himself 'the steel serpent'.

Sounds like something that could happen don't you think? Could it be that Davos is the one who ruined K'un-Lun at the end of the series? I guess we'll see in the future series.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Daughters of the dragon

Today's post we'll talk about something that happened in the Iron Fist series. If you haven't seen it yet you might want to skip this post!

We want to talk about Colleen Wing who's one of the main characters. In the beginning of the series she participates in these cage fights for some extra cash. When the host of the fights presents her she chooses 'the daughter of the dragon' as her fighter nickname. I went out and looked it up and found something that might be a thing in the future defenders series.

There is a team up called 'the daughters of the dragon'. Colleen is part of the team but the second member is Misty Knight who was one of the main characters in the previous 'Luke Cage' franchise. The fact that these two were brought forth as main characters in both series could mean that the team up might really happen!

I for one hope these two badass women will kick ass together on television in the future.

Thursday 30 March 2017

Nelson, Foggy

You might've heard off Foggy since he's one of the main characters in the Netflix series of Daredevil. Today we'll throw a light on the comic version of Foggy.

Foggy's story starts as the roommate of Matt Murdock at Colombia University and Harvard Law School. Matt became his best friend but Foggy never knew about the powers Matt possessed.
When they graduated they opened Nelson & Murdock, a law firm in Hell's Kitchen. But when the kingpin learns who Matt really is they close the firm and Foggy goes out on his own. After opening his own firm for a brief while he learns about Matt's secret.

They had their bit of discussions but decided to re open Nelson and Murdock. This time they primarily focus on clients with supernatural problems. The firm appeared in many comics as a save haven for heroes who get sued by innocent bystanders or the government.

Who knows, maybe Foggy and Matt in the Netflix series find a way to work together in the future seasons.

Picture of Foggy Nelson

Wednesday 22 March 2017


You might not know about this guy but I first read about him in the deadpool and cable series and I totally dig him! Hopefully there will come some kind of movie appearance about this Tarzan like character but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!

Son of British nobleman Lord Robert Plunder (the discoverer of vibranium by the way), Ka-Zar grew up in the Antarctic 'Savage Land'. His dad got murdered by the hands of Man-Apes and Ka-Zar was left alone in the wilderness.
Zabu the intelligent sabertoothed tiger raised the boy to become a man. In the savage land dinosaurs and man apes were still a fact and Ka-Zar learned to live amongst these ruthless creatures.

His arch enemy is his brother 'Parnival' and later during his story he marries Shanna the she- devil and becomes father of a son 'Matthew'.

He's most known as side character in other stories since a lot of villains use the savage land as a secret location for their hideout. Heroes would try to find them only to bounce up against some dinosaurs. Ka-Zar would be the mysterious man who saves the heroes by defeating the monsters that blocked their way.

Image of Ka-Zar

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Thor Girl

We all know Thor, the god of Thunder and in one of my previous posts we talked about the female version of Thor (who's Jane Foster). There is however one worthy woman we haven't discussed. Thor girl exists and is created after Thanos destroyed her home.

Tarene is the designated prophesied by X'Hoss to elevate all life to greatness. Before she could for do what she was meant to do, Thanos destroyed her home planet and stripped her off most of her powers. Thor and Orikal were able to defeat Thanos before he could destroy her.

Thor took Tarene to earth where she takes te name Thor girl (she became a big fan of her hero). Even tough she lost a great deal of power, she still had her almost immortality (like Thor) and she was also still a lot stronger than the average human being. She also has a hammer but it's not as powerful as Mjollnir. She could control the weather with it and shoot off energie beams. Unlike Mjollnir everybody can lift the thing but not everybody can wield it's powers since it takes a lot of strength.

Thor girl played her part in the secret wars where a skrull used her form to imposter. Last heard of her in the comics she was at Camp Hammond (earth). Who knows what's more in store for her.

Picture of Thor Girl

Sunday 12 March 2017

Bucky Barnes

We all know about Bucky since he's been used in the previous MCU movies as the winter soldier. Today we'll be telling you a little about Bucky in te comic books. Not the evil winter soldier we all know but the sidekick of Captain America in his early years.

James Buchanan Barnes was a orphan boy who soon joined the army to do his part during the war. Soon he became the mascot of the Camp Lehigh base in Virginia. During this time Steve Rogers was stationed at this base and when Bucky learned that Steve was Captain America he soon became his most trusted friend and partner.

Since than they shared a lot of adventures and missions together and Bucky was always there to aid Captain America when he needed help.

The both of them were in London when one of their enemies 'Baron Zemo' (who plays a major part in the civil war movie) was attempting to steal a plane filled with bombs. As the drone plane took off Bucky leaped aboard and was apparently killed trying to defuse the bombs. Captain America fell in the lake and got frozen (as we all know).

Later Captain gets revived and becomes the leader of the avengers and also learns that the soviets had turned Bucky in the mercenary called 'the winter soldier'.

In the MCU movies they chose to kill off Bucky in a different less spectacular way and he also wasn't brought forward the way they did in the comics. As you can see the loyal servant of the Captain had his own suit.

Picture of Bucky Barnes


You might have heard of  her since she's a well known character but she hasn't appeared in any of the MCU movies so far. Amora the enchantress is one of the immortals that lives in Asgard.

Master sorceress Karnilla trained his pupil wel since Amora became one of the most feared magicians in whole Asgard. She uses her magic to allure man around her and poison their hearts. At first she wasn't all evil but as most marvel stories this one as well starts with Thor.
When she meets him she desires his heart and she wants him to be hers. Thor isn't interested in her and that's when she turns evil and tries to catch Thor one way or an other. How Thor can have such a love for humanity is a riddle for her and she longs for him to rule Asgard with her as his queen next to him.

The enchantress' love of manipulating others to do her will has resulted in her often teaming up with Skurge, the grim. He's hopeless in love with Amora so he does her will no matter the cost. In one story she even tries to conquer Asgard.

We'll be writing about Skurge as well in the future!


Wednesday 8 March 2017

Captain Brittain

We all know Captain America since he's one of the greatest heroes Stan Lee's ever written about but did you know the captain of stars and stripes had colleague on the other side of the sea? Captain Britain is a real character.

Brian Braddock was chosen to be the champion of the people of Great Britain. He didn't always act alone, there were days he ran with the members of Excalibur (a group of Britain heroes) to save the day. Later he learned he was one of a infinite number of Captains created to protect the multiverse. Later he succeeded to become commander of the Captain Britain Corps.
He had a brief romantic relation with a mutant called Meggan but he lost her when she sacrificed herself during the M-day events.

He also played a big part in the Secret Invasion saga's where he protects Avalon from the skrull's whom tried to invade it.

Captain Brittain

Sunday 5 March 2017

Absorbing man

This villain isn't the most known one but it might ring a bell with you guys since he appeared on agents of SHIELD. Absorbing man! the name says it all, here's a little bit more about him.

In the comics this evil villain is created by Loki, who is off course searching for yet an other way to defeat his brother. Carl 'Crusher' Creel is an inmate with the reputation of having a temper. Loki gave him the power to absorb everything he touched. When he touched iron for instance his whole body would be made out of iron.
Soon after he got his powers he broke out of prison to fight Thor (as Loki intended). During the fight he kind off overdid it since he tried to absorb the power of the whole earth which caused him to explode.
Lucky for him and thanks to his new powers he wasn't completely defeated. Loki picked up the pieces of Carl and fixed him up. Since the first plan didn't quit worked out Loki now tried to overthrow Odin the Allfather. Odin off course defeated the Absorbing man and than banished him in outer space.

Carl appears many times in the Thor comic books but you can also find him facing off against Hulk, Spiderman and the Avengers. He even once absorbed the shield of Captain America.

Absorbing man

Sunday 26 February 2017

Marvel's champions

Today we'll talk about a fresh new superhero team that's about to come our way. In the comic world Marvel is working hard publishing the second civil war and due this war there are bound to form new teams. Absurd or refreshing? I'll leave that to you guys but today we'll take a look at one of those new team-ups that will be called 'the champions'.

The name is not new, in the 1970's there was already a team called the champions including Ghost rider, Hercules, Angel, Ice man and their leader Black Widow. The new team will however be a complete different line up so it looks like the only thing they'll use is the name.

First of all it will be a teen team so no older guys allowed! The first hero will be Miles Morales which is a young version of Spidey. Second they'll have Nova which already known to work with Spidey. Kamala Khan will also join the team, you'll know her as Ms Marvel. A younger version of Scott Summers will join in.  Viv Vision, the synthezoid daughter of the Vision will also be there and last but certainly not least Amadeus Cho which will be a new version of the Hulk.

Interesting line up don't you think? I for one will be reading what these teen's are up too.

Marvel champions

Sunday 19 February 2017


The last trailer of GOTG vol2 gave away that Mantis will play a role in the movie, maybe even as a guardian herself. Since this mysterious character will take a appearance in the new movie and we always like to give you guy's a head's up, here's a little something about her origins.

Mantis is the daughter of Gustav Brandt and Lua Nguyen. When she was still young she was chosen to become an alien priest of Pama, a secret sect of the Kree. She gained the name Mantis by being far out the best material artist the priests had ever seen. Later the priests enhanced her, giving her mind control powers.

When she turned eighteen the priests wiped her memory and send her to earth. The priests believed that she could turn out to be the 'celestial madonna', a supreme being they were awaiting. In order to transform in this being she first had to experience a normal human life.
Didn't turn out as classy as you'd imagine since she became a prostitute in Vietnam. Didn't take her very long to find her way out of that business and later she joined the avengers.

During her time with the Avengers she fought bravely along them. She later helps the defenders and Doctor Strange to fight mighty foes like Loki and Dormammu.

What's more interesting however is that she fights alongside Drax the destroyer in the war against Thanos. This might happen in the future MCU films. An other fun fact is that she had a thing for the vision which caused a lot of heated arguments between her and Scarlett witch.
This is something Marvel could also easily use in the movies to come.

Later her story goes further as her being the celestial Madonna.
By reading this post you at least know how she started an what Marvel might use in the future movies. I for one am curious about her in GOTG vol2!

Thursday 16 February 2017

Namor the sub-mariner

Rumor has it that Marvel is scouting Hawaii for a new film or series project. Word has it that it might be a franchise of Namor the sub-mariner.
There are no big revelations or announcements but just in case we'll be telling you a little about him.

(I've read the rumors here)

Namor is the son of a American seaman called Leonard Mckenzie. When the man by accident blew up a part of Atlantis, the King of Atlantis Thakorr sends his daughter Fen to investigate. When Leonard en Fen meet the unthinkable happens, you guessed it! They fell in love. 
Fen spend quit some time with Leonard without returning to her father and Thakorr starts to think his daughter is kidnapped. He sends a war party to kill Leonard and his whole crew.

Fen returned to Atlantis and nine months later Namor was born. 
The young prince had a nasty temper and was very hostile against humans. He blamed them for the damage done to Atlantis by his father. He isn't your usual hero since in the beginning of his story he's even kind off a bad guy. 
When the nazi's try to attack Atlantis it's the first time Namor joins forces with Captain America which doesn't go without any arguments.

The second world war didn't do any big damage to Atlantis. Later however the whole city gets destroyed by earthquakes caused by Paul Destiny who'd obtained the helmet of power, a relic of Atlantis. Both Thakorr and Fen died during the earthquakes leaving Namor in charge. 

Namor wasn't fit to rule since he lost his memories during the fall of Atlantis and when he woke up stranded on a beach he didn't even know who he was anymore. 
He lived as a hobo on the streets of New York for a while but soon someone recognized him. It was Susan Storm, the invisible girl form the Fantastic Four.
When she saw him she threw him in the sea which gave him back his memories. Maybe he was better off without them because he now declared war against humanity.

The Atlanteans saw him as the true king of Atlantis and they rebuild their city under his lead. Namor lead several attacks on New York and even took over the city for a short while but the city had their own heroes to defend her.
Most of the times it were the Fantastic Four who fought the submariner and after a while Namor began to fall in love with Susan Storm. 

Eventually Namor had to put a stop on his war against homo sapiens and become the king Atlantis deserved. He even defended the human world from a lot of treats they didn't even knew of (under water stuff). One thing is for sure. This Namor is one thug cookie, i'm curious what MCU has in store for him.

Thursday 9 February 2017

A variety of Captains

Last week we talked about the female version of Thor and this brought me up to the idea to write a post to the various incarnations of Captain America! Here's a brief introduction to a few versions of the patriot!

Steve Rogers: 

The main Captain we all know from the MCU films. He's the face of America and the voice of reason. starting out as a army reject he takes the super soldier serum and becomes the hero we all know so well.

Isaiah Bradley:

A underground version of Captain America. The African American community call him the black Captain America. When Steve was created they tried to recreate the serum and tested their experiments on black people. Isaiah is the result of these experiments.

William Nasland:

After Steve was presumed dead William was appointed Captain America. He was the first one officially given the titel of Captain America after Steve's 'death'.

Jeffrey Mace:

William Nasland wasn't the best Captain America and died pretty soon. Jeffrey was the next in line to take the titel. Jeffrey Mace can also been seen in the current TV serie Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the new director.

William Burnside:

After Jeffrey's retirement William Burnside took the title upon his shoulders. Unfortunately William took a rather bad copy of the serum and became delusional. He had to be locked up.

Bob Russo: 

Bob wasn't a stayer. He actually wore the title once and when he hurt himself on the job he immediately gave up.

Scar Turpin:

Scar also wore the title for one single mission. When he got a beating from a street gang called 'the road runners' he gave up.

Falcon and Bucky:

The two sidekicks both took the role upon them self but only a brief period when Steve lost his powers and when Steve was assumed death.

Dave Rickford:

Last special forces soldier Dave Rickford wore the title briefly when Steve took over as director of SHIELD.

I think we can all agree that there is only one true Captain America and that's Steve. By the looks of it many have tried but the job isn't easy, in my opinion there's only one man right for it!

Multiple Captain Americas

Monday 30 January 2017

Jane Foster as Thor

You've probably all have heard of the female version of Thor but did you know that this 'Thor' was actually Jane Foster, the real Odinson's first and foremost love of Midgard?

The story starts after the great Ragnarok event. At some point in the comics Ragnarok takes place (not the android Nega-Thor but the event where all Asgardian gods die). After this event Thor comes back to life and recreates his beloved home world and searches for all the Asgardian souls who now hide in humans living on Midgard.

At this time Jane Foster is suffering lung cancer. Jane refuses magical help from Thor. It's around this period of time Thor goes toe to toe with Nick Fury and loses. What? Yes! The God loses to a man with no superpowers. This happens because somewhere along the fight he became unworthy and couldn't wield his hammer anymore. Thor has a hard time accepting and when he leaves Mjolnir (unable to lift it) Jane tries to lift it and it works.

She became physically enhanced and had all the powers of Thor. When the original Thor finds out about it he first demands his hammer back but soon accepts that it had chosen a new owner now and was not his to wield anymore. He gives up his name and chooses to go by the name Odinson from that day.

Odinson and the rest of the world never found out who the new Thor really was.

Picture of Jane Foster as Thor

Sunday 29 January 2017

Secret Wars

I've been reading a lot about the secret wars while doing research for other posts so today I decided to find out about them. I haven't read the comics yet but i'm planning on doing so soon and I can only encourage people to do so.
For those who don't really get the whole 'different universes' stuff it might be confusing.

What I found out is that the comic book series was released in 2015 but is actually a series from way back in 1984. The story is modernized and a few different touches were applied but the roots of the story are the same.
It takes place on a planet called Battleworld. The planet is divided in territories in which heroes live. People from all kinds of universes live on this planet. This means that different versions of the same person live on the same planet.
For instance, there are several Tony Starks in Battle world, and in the Kingdom of Manhattan both Tony from earth 1610 and Tony from earth 616 walk the same streets.

As the title gives away not all these characters get along. I'm excited to read it because I think it's interesting to see some versions of the same hero face off against each other.

Picture Cover Secret Wars Battleworld

Sunday 22 January 2017


For those of you who watch the agents of SHIELD series you've no doubt heard of Quake. She plays one of the main roles in the series and that's what made me curious about her comicbook history. I've done some reading and here's a short summery of what she's like in the comics.

Daisy Johnson alias Quake, a lot of people believed she was a mutant at first. It turned out she had a direct bloodline with an Inhuman (Her father known as Mr Hyde, whom we also met in the series). In the series she had to awaken the Inhuman gen inside of here which didn't happen in the comicbooks. Her father had a lot of 'business' with prostitutes and when he got one pregnant she immediately gave the child away for adoption. Quake was raised by foster parents and at age twelve her superpowers awakened.

Nick Fury took her in and filled her in about her true parentage. He offered her to join shield and trained her to become one of the finest agents he ever had. It was here she learned to control her powers (kind of the same in the series, only here Coulson is the one who trains her).

During the secret war event her loyalty comes to the test when Nick Fury is hunted by the agency he once leaded. Maria Hill who is now the new director fired her since she would not play a part in the hunt for Fury.

In one of her story lines she teams up with the avengers! She helps them defeat the mutant rebel leader Magneto. In the comics this is where she earns her superhero name Quake.

Later she had a romantic relation with Hellfire and teams up with the avengers again this time to take on Osborn. When her powers grow out she is also able to create a psychic shield.

She might be a second degree hero in the series but in the comics she's kind of a big deal as you can read. Not everybody can say she or he'd teamed up with the avengers multiple times! I'm curious what's in store for her in the tv series.

picture of marvels Quake in the comicbooks

Monday 16 January 2017

The Odinsword

Hey guys, today we'll be talking about an object instead of a person. The Odinsword is a weapon that doesn't appear that much but it's powerful beyond measure and certainly worth mentioning.

The name 'Odinsword' is actually given to more than one weapon, it basically is just given to the weapon that Odin himself wields. The version we'll be talking about is the sword that appears the most.
The Odinsword also goes by the name 'the sword of Asgard' and it's huge! It is said that Odin would unsheathed it when the end of the universe is coming. In its origins story it's told that it was forged with the gold of a cursed Nibelung ring that would bring the end of Asgard. The ring brought a lot of greed with it. Odin even killed off his son Thor in greed for the ring but of course our favorite Asgardian was revived later. When Odin realized what the ring had done with him he made the dwarfs cut the jewel in two and made two rings of it. As punishment he had himself hanged with the rings on the Yggdrasil (the tree of worlds).
During his punishment he learned about the curse on the rings so he freed himself and made a sword of them trying to lift the curse.
Odin used the sword while wielding the destroyer armor, it was one of the most effective weapons Odin ever used. Thor eventually left the sword in the celestial world realizing nobody should use such a cursed weapon.

Hopefully we'll see a bit more of this weapon in future Thor franchises. I for one would love to see it on the big screen.

picture of the sword of Asgard

Wednesday 11 January 2017


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about Samson. He might not be the best known Marvel hero but this blog isn't only about the movies and the spotlight. Marvel has a lot of great heroes under the radar as well and with our posts we also hope to inspire people to read about the lesser known heroes.

Samson was born and raised in Oklahoma. He was the son of a some what perverted psychiater who made a habit of sleeping with his patients. First Samson didn't want to have anything to do with psychiatrists but eventually he gained his PhD on the subject in college.

Later he joined the army working together with general Ross. One day Samson was able to save Betty's (his daughter) life and gained the trust and approval of Ross. He also worked on a cure for Banner together with Banner himself and the two actually figured it out. They were able to cure Banner but Samson always longed for some supernatural powers so he messed with the machine that saved Banner and he irradiated himself with the machine that cured hulk. The result was that the slim brown haired guy turned in a muscled, green haired gaint.

Banner didn't really enjoy his cure since his dream wife Betty fell for the new and handsome Samson and the two became romantically involved. Bruce than later turned himself back into the hulk and fought Samson.
Hulk won the fight (by far) but Betty chose the weaker defeated Samson over the raging Hulk.

Samson appeared in the Civil War, World War Hulk, The Dark Reign series and a lot other Hulk related stories.
Next to the hulk he can't really win but this doesn't mean he isn't a strong guy, be sure to check him out!

image of Marvel Samson

Sunday 8 January 2017

Some more news on Logan!

The Logan movie is coming closer and we've collected some news on the subject for the people who just can't wait to see it (which is everybody, come on guys!).

First of all it's now confirmed that Richard Grant will be playing Dr. Zander Rice. You might not know who he is but it's one of the the creators of X-23 who we've wrote about earlier (here). Him being the villain also confirmed our previous guess that the little girl in the trailer was X-23.
The only question left is, will weapon X-23 become his friend or an enemy aswell?

Underneath are also two posters that came out about the bad ass old man Logan.

Poster Logan Movie

Logan Car

Thursday 5 January 2017


Today we'll be writing about Caliban, a name you might have heard of. The guy played a minor role in the X-men Apocalypse movie but he also will play a role in the upcoming Logan film which takes place in the future.
Weather he'll play a big role is yet to be seen but by reading this post you'll know the basics of this character.

Caliban is an albino mutant with the ability to track down other mutants. This makes him a big asset for both humans and mutants all over the world. At first he worked for an other mutant called Calisto who formed a group called the Morlocks. He didn't stay with the group very long and traveled to Manhattan.
He lived in the subway tunnels and sewers beneath the city with other outcasts and had absolutely no idea of his importance.
One day he crossed a mission of the x-men and when he saw the powers they possessed he kidnapped Kitty. He explained her that he wanted friends that had powers like him but when he was invited to become a x-men he declined the offer.

Later he joins the Molocks again and Xavier even offers all the Morlocks a sanctuary in his home but again they declined his offer. In the end of his story he gets crippled without a specific reason.
Several incidents occur with  him over various Marvel timelines. He also appears in the X-force under the guidance of Cable.

What his role will be in the Logan film is yet to be seen but his powers are always a big asset. So my guess is, this won't be different in this story.

Picture of Caliban