Wednesday 8 June 2016

Thor Ragnarok

The title of the next solo film about the god of thunder will be 'Thor Ragnarok'. It seemed fitting to give a little info about that title. Ragnarok is a name given to the end of all things in old nordic religion. The character Thor and his brother and father are all based on this religion. 

Marvel has used the name 'Ragnarok' before. In the civil war comics he makes his entrance. Iron Man works together with Hank Pym and Mr Fantastic trying to make a clone of Thor. The real Thor is missing at that moment but Stark had a hair of Thor which he used to clone the Asgardian DNA. The whole thing (of course) goes south. Ragnarok goes evil and kills Goliath. Mr Fantastic deactivated the clone and they stored him away. 
At the time none of the heroes knew that Pym wasn't really Pym. But a skrull alien who took doctor Pym's form while the real Pym was held captivated. The imposter messed with the Ragnarok software and the clone rises again. 

Later on Ragnarok joins the dark avengers. Mostly to get his ass kicked by Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron Fist, etc...

This al being said we still know little about the movie. There's a lot of talk about Hela (the Asgardian goddess of death) being the bad girl and the Hulk appearing in the movie so I think Disney will use the name Ragnarok by its original meaning in viking religion 'the end of all things'.
Would I like to see the Ragnarok character form the comics? Yes, but I honestly think it's a bit too late, since he's supposed to appear in the Civil War.

We've managed to find a interesting article about the rumored main villain of the movie. If you'd like to read more about Hela, click on the link below!

Thor Ragnarok


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