Sunday 22 January 2017


For those of you who watch the agents of SHIELD series you've no doubt heard of Quake. She plays one of the main roles in the series and that's what made me curious about her comicbook history. I've done some reading and here's a short summery of what she's like in the comics.

Daisy Johnson alias Quake, a lot of people believed she was a mutant at first. It turned out she had a direct bloodline with an Inhuman (Her father known as Mr Hyde, whom we also met in the series). In the series she had to awaken the Inhuman gen inside of here which didn't happen in the comicbooks. Her father had a lot of 'business' with prostitutes and when he got one pregnant she immediately gave the child away for adoption. Quake was raised by foster parents and at age twelve her superpowers awakened.

Nick Fury took her in and filled her in about her true parentage. He offered her to join shield and trained her to become one of the finest agents he ever had. It was here she learned to control her powers (kind of the same in the series, only here Coulson is the one who trains her).

During the secret war event her loyalty comes to the test when Nick Fury is hunted by the agency he once leaded. Maria Hill who is now the new director fired her since she would not play a part in the hunt for Fury.

In one of her story lines she teams up with the avengers! She helps them defeat the mutant rebel leader Magneto. In the comics this is where she earns her superhero name Quake.

Later she had a romantic relation with Hellfire and teams up with the avengers again this time to take on Osborn. When her powers grow out she is also able to create a psychic shield.

She might be a second degree hero in the series but in the comics she's kind of a big deal as you can read. Not everybody can say she or he'd teamed up with the avengers multiple times! I'm curious what's in store for her in the tv series.

picture of marvels Quake in the comicbooks

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