Monday 31 October 2016

Ronan the accuser

As  promised I'll be telling you guys a little more about Ronan today. You've all seen him in the first Guardians of the galaxy movie where he plays the main villain. Personally I think the Guardians were able to defeat him quit easily considering his powerful weapon. Than again it can't be easy putting all these huge Marvel stories in movies that last two hours tops so keeping that in mind his character was visualized quit decently. Here's how it all started for Ronan.

Ronan is a Kree and a very traditional one. When he was young he always had his eyes on joining the public accusers corps which is the Kree law enforcement. When he completed his studies he made his dream reality and soon rose in the ranks.
When he made a huge bust revealing Skrull soldiers who tried to travel trough Kree space he got promoted to supreme accuser. This status is the highest one among the accusers and he only had to answer to the supreme intelligence.

The characters made a lot of appearances in the fantastic four, captain Marvel, the inhumans and he plays a big part in the 'Kree - Skrull war' series. He is most known for his weapon which is a massive hamer. All accusers wield one but at some point Ronan's hamer gets empowered even more by one of the infinity stones! (This also happens in the movie).

He's a interesting character at the least and a worthy first enemy for the guardians.

Ronan the accuser

Wednesday 26 October 2016


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about X-23. Some of you might have heard but the wrap has reported some pretty sweet facts about the new Wolverine movie called 'Logan'. A few of them we already knew like the fact that the movie will be played in the future and some stuff we could already assume seeing the trailer.
The thing which drew my attention most however was that they confirmed that the little girl traveling with Logan in the trailer will have claws like him but only two on each hand. There were a lot of rumors about X-23 being in the movie so I guess this kind off confirms it? No way of telling for sure but we'll tell you about X-23 in this post so you at least know who she is.

A top-secret program tried to recreate the original Weapon-X experiment. A lot of mutants were brought in and died because of this program. There was no mutant strong enough to endure the procedure. After a while when te scientist working on this project were on the verge of giving up when a young scientist called Sarah Kinney came up with the idea of making a clone.
They pulled all the strings they had to scramble all the DNA they had left of the original Weapon-X but it wasn't enough to make a new wolverine. The DNA was damaged and it had only x-chromosomes which meant they were not able to clone a man.
Sarah went on and made a female clone against orders, as a punishment she had to play surrogate mother to the child.

X-23 was raised and trained as a weapon. Knowing nothing but captivity there wasn't much humanity left in her. They created a special scent on which X-23 would go in animal mode and kill whatever was in front of her.
The highest bidder could pay her for a mission, where she killed numerous people. After a while her surrogate mother commanded her to kill the people leading the project so they could escape the facility but when X-23 was out obeying her mothers command one of the scientist exposed her mother to the scent. When X-23 returned she killed her mother. Right before she died she named X-23 Laura.

Again, we don't know for sure if they're going to use X-23 but you have to admit it kind off looks like it! I for one can't wait to see Logan.


Sunday 23 October 2016

The super-Skrull

Hi, guys! today we'll be talking about a villain whom we think is definitely worth looking in to. The super-Skrull made a lot of great appearances. If you don't know what skrull are first read this previous post!
In one of the attempts of the Skrull to invade planet earth, it were the fantastic four who stopped them. The Skrull fell back infuriated by their defeat and there leader Dorrek was determined to defeat the team of heroes.

After lot's of discussions with the best and brightest among the Skrull, Dorrek pulled all his resources to creat a sublime warrior. One of his best soldiers got chosen to experiment on and he would finally be known as the super-Skrull.
This being had all the powers of the Fantastic four for his own and could wield them all at once. His weakness was that he was empowered by a interstellar beam. The first time he meets the Fantastic Four he humiliates them. The team didn't know what they were up against and were no match.
It didn't take long for Doctor Fantastic to figure out what empowered this creature and soon he invented a machine to block the beam and they were able to defeat the super-Skrull. 

The Skrull didn't give up easily so they created a stronger beam empowering their soldier again. The super-Skrull fell and roze many times. He stood against many foe's (Thor, The fantastic four, The avengers, Captain Marvel,...). He also did a lot of notable team up's with Thanos and Ronan the accuser (Ronan will be a subject we'll write about soon). 

Soon the value of the super-Skrull became noted by a lot of parties. He fought for a lot of armies sometimes against his own will but he played a big role in a lot of great story lines. Definitely a character worth knowing. 


Wednesday 19 October 2016


Guy's today marvel released a first sneak peek of 'guardians of the galaxy vol 2'. If you haven't seen it yet, hurry to our Facebook page (click here). Since most of us got surprised by this sudden release we've decided to make today's post about one of the new guardians.
That's right, there are two confirmed new guardians in this movie. Both of them had a side role in the previous movie but are ready to step up, we're talking about Yondu and Nebula. Nebula will be our subject a differente time, today will be all about Yondu!

Born on Zataon young Yondu grew up to be a hunter. The tribes who lived there were primal compared to earths further evolved humans. When earth started colonizing planet's outside their own, the solar system Zataon was one of the first planets on the radar. Most of the inhabitants were intimidated by earths supreme technology, they didn't pick a fight and had peaceful relationships with the settlers. Yondu's tribe however, sought sanctuary in the forests so they didn't need to contact the earthlings.

One day the planet was under attack by the Badoon. During the chaos Yondu came across an earthling and the two banded together in the hopes of escaping the planet. It didn't work out the way they planned since the Badoon captured them and held them prisoners.
Later Yondu and his human friend Astor escaped together with Charlie-27 and Martinex and the four of them founded the very first Guardians of the galaxy!

This is the origin story of Yondu in the comics, and it is only one version of him. In other universes he might really band up with Starlord. I wanted to share this one today so you guys could learn that Yondu was much more than a bounty hunter in one of the universes.  

Sunday 16 October 2016


Many of you will have watched Luke Cage already, some might still have to check it out. In our previous post we talked about Luke from a comic book perspective (you can read it here). If you've read it you'll notice we also talked about his arch nemesis Diamond Back.
In the series it's also his greatest foe but his first real foe is Cotton Mouth, we thought you'd like to learn a little more about this gangster crimelord.

Cottonmouth was a drug lord behind what he claimed to be the most successful drug cartel in the whole country. His right hand mand Slick was always by his side. Luke Cage was offered a job in the mob hierarchy by Cottonmouth (notice that this also happens in the beginning of the series). Luke pretends to take the job, to gain proof about the setup that had put him in jail years ago (as you can read in our previous Luke Cage post).
Slick doesn't trust Luke one bit and claims he has to prove himself so Cottonmouth sends him out to retrieve drugs that was stolen from him. Luke does the job but informs to the police. Cottonmouth finds out and isn't very happy about it. A fight between the two breaks out and during the fight Luke throws Slick trough the window. Slick didn't survive the fall and when Luke tries to force Cottonmouth to talk he finds out that the only one who had info on the setup was Slick he had now killed.

Angry and desperate Luke gives Cottonmouth to the police who gave him a one way ticket to jail and Luke continued his search for proof about his past.

Thursday 13 October 2016

cloak and dagger

For today we have more news about the marvel series. At the NY comic con people got a real surprise when they went to the Iron Fist panel. Not only were all the 'defenders' actors there united for the first time, the producer of the series Jeph Loeb gave away who will play the villain against the Defenders in their first season. 

The chosen actress is Sigourney Weaver. If you don't know her, she's the lady from all the alien movies. Which villain she will play is yet unknown. 

Also there is rumored that there will also come a Cloak and Dagger series, you might not know them but they're a pretty cool duo! here's some extra info about their origins. 

Sunday 9 October 2016

Misty Knight

Misty Knight is a name you might have heard around lately. She's one of the leading characters in the new Netflix series 'Luke  Cage'. What you probably didn't know is that she has a history in the Marvel comicbooks as wel. Today's post we'll shine a light on her history in the comic's so you know what you might see in the future development of the character in the series. Weather or not Marvel will do something with the backstory of Misty is still a mysterie.

Mercedes Knight was born and raised in New York city. When she got older she decided she wanted to be a police officer and she soon followed her dreams and rose the ranks becoming a lieutenant. In a unfortunate accident where she tried to get rid of a bomb she lost her arm. In that time she had already made a name for herself and many heroes already knew her. Tony Stark was one of those heroes and he felt sorry for the woman so he made her a bionic arm. The arm was stronger than any other arm but she wasn't able to lift too heavy stuff since the rest of her body still needed to support the machine.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Mandarin

Today we'll be writing about the Mandarin. Most of you will know him from the Iron Man 3 franchise and even tough the movie wasn't all that bad they did ruin a great character. If you've watched the movie you've seen that their version of the Mandarin was nothing more than a crook. A homeless man called Travor Slattery picked from the street and used as a distraction while the real evil was happening behind the scenes.

Nothing is further away from the truth behind this character! In the comic books the Mandarin is a real villain and even an arch nemesis of Tony Stark. Read further to find out what the Mandarin is really about! 

Sunday 2 October 2016


We've already talked about the infinity gauntlet a few posts back (if you missed that post click here). Today we'd like to shine a light on the one who uses this insane weapon, where did he come from? Why does he seek to rule the galaxy? That's right today we'll be talking about Thanos!

Thanos was one of the last son's of A'Lars. He was one of the Eternals on the planet Titan but he was not like the others of his kind. Due to his Deviant syndrome he had a massive body and as a child he soon became obsessed with the concept of death.