Wednesday 22 March 2017


You might not know about this guy but I first read about him in the deadpool and cable series and I totally dig him! Hopefully there will come some kind of movie appearance about this Tarzan like character but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!

Son of British nobleman Lord Robert Plunder (the discoverer of vibranium by the way), Ka-Zar grew up in the Antarctic 'Savage Land'. His dad got murdered by the hands of Man-Apes and Ka-Zar was left alone in the wilderness.
Zabu the intelligent sabertoothed tiger raised the boy to become a man. In the savage land dinosaurs and man apes were still a fact and Ka-Zar learned to live amongst these ruthless creatures.

His arch enemy is his brother 'Parnival' and later during his story he marries Shanna the she- devil and becomes father of a son 'Matthew'.

He's most known as side character in other stories since a lot of villains use the savage land as a secret location for their hideout. Heroes would try to find them only to bounce up against some dinosaurs. Ka-Zar would be the mysterious man who saves the heroes by defeating the monsters that blocked their way.

Image of Ka-Zar

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