Monday 30 January 2017

Jane Foster as Thor

You've probably all have heard of the female version of Thor but did you know that this 'Thor' was actually Jane Foster, the real Odinson's first and foremost love of Midgard?

The story starts after the great Ragnarok event. At some point in the comics Ragnarok takes place (not the android Nega-Thor but the event where all Asgardian gods die). After this event Thor comes back to life and recreates his beloved home world and searches for all the Asgardian souls who now hide in humans living on Midgard.

At this time Jane Foster is suffering lung cancer. Jane refuses magical help from Thor. It's around this period of time Thor goes toe to toe with Nick Fury and loses. What? Yes! The God loses to a man with no superpowers. This happens because somewhere along the fight he became unworthy and couldn't wield his hammer anymore. Thor has a hard time accepting and when he leaves Mjolnir (unable to lift it) Jane tries to lift it and it works.

She became physically enhanced and had all the powers of Thor. When the original Thor finds out about it he first demands his hammer back but soon accepts that it had chosen a new owner now and was not his to wield anymore. He gives up his name and chooses to go by the name Odinson from that day.

Odinson and the rest of the world never found out who the new Thor really was.

Picture of Jane Foster as Thor

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