Thursday 27 April 2017


We've already reviewed the movie 'X-men Apocalypse' where I stated that I believe they killed him off way to easily since he's only one of the biggest badass bad guy Marvel knows. The next movie is rumored toe be called 'X-men the dark phoenix' which could very well be true since they gave us a glimpse of the phoenix in the Apocalypse franchise.

Born nearly 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Apocalypse is one of the earliest known mutant humans. As "En Sabah Nur" or "the first one" he traveled the world for thousands of years, creating wars to test which nations were strongest, he was worshipped as a god.
In the 20th  century he decided -you guessed it- that mutants were superior to humans and he believes it's but a matter of time before humans will extinct. He's more than willing to help nature a hand in that matter.

This is how he often battled the X-men and X-factor, who were dedicated to peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.
Through his extreme long life his body eventually wears out and since that day he travels from one host body to an other from time to time.
In the comic 'Age of Apocalypse' he's able to conquer North America and enslave the whole human population before Magneto kills him.

A bit more spectacular than the teenager team-up against him in the last movie I would say. I believe it's hard to introduce and defeat such major bad guy's in one movie, so my expectations are high for the two parts franchise of the avengers agains Thanos!

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