Thursday 16 February 2017

Namor the sub-mariner

Rumor has it that Marvel is scouting Hawaii for a new film or series project. Word has it that it might be a franchise of Namor the sub-mariner.
There are no big revelations or announcements but just in case we'll be telling you a little about him.

(I've read the rumors here)

Namor is the son of a American seaman called Leonard Mckenzie. When the man by accident blew up a part of Atlantis, the King of Atlantis Thakorr sends his daughter Fen to investigate. When Leonard en Fen meet the unthinkable happens, you guessed it! They fell in love. 
Fen spend quit some time with Leonard without returning to her father and Thakorr starts to think his daughter is kidnapped. He sends a war party to kill Leonard and his whole crew.

Fen returned to Atlantis and nine months later Namor was born. 
The young prince had a nasty temper and was very hostile against humans. He blamed them for the damage done to Atlantis by his father. He isn't your usual hero since in the beginning of his story he's even kind off a bad guy. 
When the nazi's try to attack Atlantis it's the first time Namor joins forces with Captain America which doesn't go without any arguments.

The second world war didn't do any big damage to Atlantis. Later however the whole city gets destroyed by earthquakes caused by Paul Destiny who'd obtained the helmet of power, a relic of Atlantis. Both Thakorr and Fen died during the earthquakes leaving Namor in charge. 

Namor wasn't fit to rule since he lost his memories during the fall of Atlantis and when he woke up stranded on a beach he didn't even know who he was anymore. 
He lived as a hobo on the streets of New York for a while but soon someone recognized him. It was Susan Storm, the invisible girl form the Fantastic Four.
When she saw him she threw him in the sea which gave him back his memories. Maybe he was better off without them because he now declared war against humanity.

The Atlanteans saw him as the true king of Atlantis and they rebuild their city under his lead. Namor lead several attacks on New York and even took over the city for a short while but the city had their own heroes to defend her.
Most of the times it were the Fantastic Four who fought the submariner and after a while Namor began to fall in love with Susan Storm. 

Eventually Namor had to put a stop on his war against homo sapiens and become the king Atlantis deserved. He even defended the human world from a lot of treats they didn't even knew of (under water stuff). One thing is for sure. This Namor is one thug cookie, i'm curious what MCU has in store for him.

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