Wednesday 9 November 2016

Gorr the god butcher

Hey guys! today we're going to talk about a villain i read recently about. Marvel is bringing out a lot of new comicbook series and it's hard to keep track so i decided to follow a story line of Thor, The New Avengers, Ironman and Wolverine. Gorr the god butcher is a villain from the Thor series and I think he's a real badass.

Born on a planet with no name Gorr was surrounded by death. When he was just a boy his parents died and he soon had to fight against starvation day after day. His parents thought him to pray to the gods, that they would make everything ok. No matter how hard he prayed he got no answer. Later on he found himself a wife and got a son but the magic didn't last very long since his wife died in a earthquake and his son starved in his arms.

Gorr blamed the god's and all beings calling them self a god or goddess would pay. He gained powers called the All-Black Necrosword and so he began slaying. The god of fear, war, genocide, plague, chaos, earthquakes, blood, wrath, jealousy, degradation and even death. They all met his sword and died at his hand.
There was one god who escaped him. No one else than our hero Thor. While Gorr was torturing him in the Viking ages the humans came for his rescue and Thor was able to cut off Gorr's arm before escaping.
The result wasn't really what Thor hoped for since Gorr's wrath grew and he slayed even more god's and became even more powerful. After slaying all the god's he could find Gorr began to mess with diffirent time streams and eventually it comes to a face off between past Thor (who could not even wield mjollnir yet), present Thor (who we all know) and Thor for the future (much like Odin) against Gorr.

The story isn't hard to find since it's all new and if you're looking for something good I strongly recommend it!

Gorr the god butcher

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