Sunday 26 February 2017

Marvel's champions

Today we'll talk about a fresh new superhero team that's about to come our way. In the comic world Marvel is working hard publishing the second civil war and due this war there are bound to form new teams. Absurd or refreshing? I'll leave that to you guys but today we'll take a look at one of those new team-ups that will be called 'the champions'.

The name is not new, in the 1970's there was already a team called the champions including Ghost rider, Hercules, Angel, Ice man and their leader Black Widow. The new team will however be a complete different line up so it looks like the only thing they'll use is the name.

First of all it will be a teen team so no older guys allowed! The first hero will be Miles Morales which is a young version of Spidey. Second they'll have Nova which already known to work with Spidey. Kamala Khan will also join the team, you'll know her as Ms Marvel. A younger version of Scott Summers will join in.  Viv Vision, the synthezoid daughter of the Vision will also be there and last but certainly not least Amadeus Cho which will be a new version of the Hulk.

Interesting line up don't you think? I for one will be reading what these teen's are up too.

Marvel champions

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