Wednesday 7 June 2017


You might know this one from the x-men 2 movie or the Deadpool film. I think it's a fun character so here's a little extra about Colossus.

Piotr Rasputin was born and raised in (you guessed it!) Russia. He worked on a collective farm and when his powers fist emerged he used them to help his fellow farmers. Piotr always knew he had a greater path in front of him. When the x-men were in trouble Xavier formed a new team of mutants to save his original x-men and this is when he contacted Piotr. The young Russian agreed to leave his native land and went to the US to train with Xavier.
Soon Xavier gave him the code name Colossus and when they managed to save the original x-men Colossus decided to stay in the US and remain an x-men.

I think it's a fun character and hope he'll return in the second Deadpool or who knows? Maybe we'll see him in future x-men movies.

Sunday 4 June 2017

Weapon II

Weapon II, probably doesn't ring a bell does it? That's because it's a funny little side character from the wolverine storylines. Maybe you know one of his famous quotes? "I'm the best there is at what I do, but mostly what I do is gather nuts of winter." Still nothing? Ok, I present to you: weapon II.

 Before the Weapon X experiment started there was a different organisation called "Weapon Plus". They were the first group of people creating living weapons and experimented mostly on animals.

Weapon II has all the abilities of Wolverine in addition of a enhanced brain. Now I know this little one will probably never appear in the MCU but am I the only one who'd love to see him face off against Rocket Raccoon? Maybe one day who knows!

Thursday 27 April 2017


We've already reviewed the movie 'X-men Apocalypse' where I stated that I believe they killed him off way to easily since he's only one of the biggest badass bad guy Marvel knows. The next movie is rumored toe be called 'X-men the dark phoenix' which could very well be true since they gave us a glimpse of the phoenix in the Apocalypse franchise.

Born nearly 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Apocalypse is one of the earliest known mutant humans. As "En Sabah Nur" or "the first one" he traveled the world for thousands of years, creating wars to test which nations were strongest, he was worshipped as a god.
In the 20th  century he decided -you guessed it- that mutants were superior to humans and he believes it's but a matter of time before humans will extinct. He's more than willing to help nature a hand in that matter.

This is how he often battled the X-men and X-factor, who were dedicated to peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.
Through his extreme long life his body eventually wears out and since that day he travels from one host body to an other from time to time.
In the comic 'Age of Apocalypse' he's able to conquer North America and enslave the whole human population before Magneto kills him.

A bit more spectacular than the teenager team-up against him in the last movie I would say. I believe it's hard to introduce and defeat such major bad guy's in one movie, so my expectations are high for the two parts franchise of the avengers agains Thanos!

Sunday 8 January 2017

Some more news on Logan!

The Logan movie is coming closer and we've collected some news on the subject for the people who just can't wait to see it (which is everybody, come on guys!).

First of all it's now confirmed that Richard Grant will be playing Dr. Zander Rice. You might not know who he is but it's one of the the creators of X-23 who we've wrote about earlier (here). Him being the villain also confirmed our previous guess that the little girl in the trailer was X-23.
The only question left is, will weapon X-23 become his friend or an enemy aswell?

Underneath are also two posters that came out about the bad ass old man Logan.

Poster Logan Movie

Logan Car

Thursday 5 January 2017


Today we'll be writing about Caliban, a name you might have heard of. The guy played a minor role in the X-men Apocalypse movie but he also will play a role in the upcoming Logan film which takes place in the future.
Weather he'll play a big role is yet to be seen but by reading this post you'll know the basics of this character.

Caliban is an albino mutant with the ability to track down other mutants. This makes him a big asset for both humans and mutants all over the world. At first he worked for an other mutant called Calisto who formed a group called the Morlocks. He didn't stay with the group very long and traveled to Manhattan.
He lived in the subway tunnels and sewers beneath the city with other outcasts and had absolutely no idea of his importance.
One day he crossed a mission of the x-men and when he saw the powers they possessed he kidnapped Kitty. He explained her that he wanted friends that had powers like him but when he was invited to become a x-men he declined the offer.

Later he joins the Molocks again and Xavier even offers all the Morlocks a sanctuary in his home but again they declined his offer. In the end of his story he gets crippled without a specific reason.
Several incidents occur with  him over various Marvel timelines. He also appears in the X-force under the guidance of Cable.

What his role will be in the Logan film is yet to be seen but his powers are always a big asset. So my guess is, this won't be different in this story.

Picture of Caliban

Sunday 24 July 2016


In this post we'll be giving you a little inside info about Storm also known as Ororo Monroe.
Every few post we'll be speaking about a specific character. You might think you know most marvel characters judging by the movies and some comicbook appearances, but a lot of heroes have a really cool and interesting origin story.

Ororo is actually a descendant from a very wealthy and ancient line of African priestesses. Her mom was a princess and her dad was a American photojournalist. When they lived in Egypt a plane crashed on their house in a Arab-Israeli conflict. Both her parents died but the little girl survived. This incident is the reason why Storm is claustrophobia.

Wednesday 20 July 2016


Today I'll be giving a little background on Nightcrawler. This mutant has appeared twice in Marvel movies (X-men 2 and X-men Apocalypse). Both adaptions painted a good physical picture about the character. He's hard not to notice with his blue skin and devil's tail but his family history was never brought up in the movies.

Nightcrawler was raised by Margali Szardos. Margali was gypsy sorceress traveling with a circus. She always claimed that she found Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) in a ditch next to his dead father but this was just a lie to keep the boy safe. The truth is that Nightcrawlers real mom is Mystique also known as Raven Darkholme and his father is the notorious warlord called Azazel.

When Mystique had Nightcrawler she heard that a mob found out about the kid. Afraid for her own and the kid's fait and not being able to take responsibility for her child she throws him in a well. Azazel being the father was not able to let go of the child zo he saved the boy from his fall in secret and gave the baby to his mistress Margali.

Nightcrawler is blue like his mother but has a tail and the mutant powers of his dad. His powers are teleportation, superhuman agility and reflexes, night vision and being able to blend into shadows. His skin color and tail were things he had since birth but his abilities only emerged when he was a teenager.

Sunday 19 June 2016

X-men Apocalypse review

I'm writing this post because Apocalypse is a hot subject right now. I'd like to share the differences between the movie and the comics and I would also like to give my personal opinion about certain parts of the movie. 

If you were wondering, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I love how they brought Jean Grey and Cyclops in the picture. Also Nightcrawler was brought very good and the whole weapon X drama building up, nice job FOX looks like they really start to realize what the fans like to see. 

A few things did bother me. First of all I think they went of way to fast with the whole Phoenix power scene. Jean Grey and her inner phoenix is a major part of the comic books and I think they went over it too fast. In the comic's you'll read that Jean has no control what so ever when she released the phoenix. It would be very dangerous to unleash such an amount of power surrounded by X-Men and Xavier of the comics would never allow it.

Monday 16 May 2016

The Maximoff twins

In the recent 'age of Ultron' movie, Disney has painted a pretty good picture of the Maximoff twins Pietro and Wanda. Pietro who is both impulsive and a little bit overprotective. Wanda who has trouble controling her powers and who doesn't even realize how much power she actually has. the characteristics were on point. 

Disney wasn't really specific about how they got their powers (something about Strucker experimenting with Loki's staf). The reason why the Disney movie doesn't really explain their origin story is easy. Wanda and Pietro (aka Scarlett witch and Quicksilver) are originally mutants!! Even better, they aren't just any mutants they are the children of Magneto himself! As we know FOX owns the rights on the x-men so that's why it was never mentioned in the Disney film. 

The shocking death of Quicksilver at the end of Avengers age of Ultron is a strange turn of events since the twins become two of the oldest members of the avengers in te comics. Wanda even falls in love with her fellow avenger The Vision at one point. 

Fox has already brought their version of quicksilver in the 'Days of future past' movie so chances are we're going to see the twins next to their old man on the big screen one day! 

The Maximoff twins