Sunday, 12 March 2017


You might have heard of  her since she's a well known character but she hasn't appeared in any of the MCU movies so far. Amora the enchantress is one of the immortals that lives in Asgard.

Master sorceress Karnilla trained his pupil wel since Amora became one of the most feared magicians in whole Asgard. She uses her magic to allure man around her and poison their hearts. At first she wasn't all evil but as most marvel stories this one as well starts with Thor.
When she meets him she desires his heart and she wants him to be hers. Thor isn't interested in her and that's when she turns evil and tries to catch Thor one way or an other. How Thor can have such a love for humanity is a riddle for her and she longs for him to rule Asgard with her as his queen next to him.

The enchantress' love of manipulating others to do her will has resulted in her often teaming up with Skurge, the grim. He's hopeless in love with Amora so he does her will no matter the cost. In one story she even tries to conquer Asgard.

We'll be writing about Skurge as well in the future!


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