Wednesday 15 March 2017

Thor Girl

We all know Thor, the god of Thunder and in one of my previous posts we talked about the female version of Thor (who's Jane Foster). There is however one worthy woman we haven't discussed. Thor girl exists and is created after Thanos destroyed her home.

Tarene is the designated prophesied by X'Hoss to elevate all life to greatness. Before she could for do what she was meant to do, Thanos destroyed her home planet and stripped her off most of her powers. Thor and Orikal were able to defeat Thanos before he could destroy her.

Thor took Tarene to earth where she takes te name Thor girl (she became a big fan of her hero). Even tough she lost a great deal of power, she still had her almost immortality (like Thor) and she was also still a lot stronger than the average human being. She also has a hammer but it's not as powerful as Mjollnir. She could control the weather with it and shoot off energie beams. Unlike Mjollnir everybody can lift the thing but not everybody can wield it's powers since it takes a lot of strength.

Thor girl played her part in the secret wars where a skrull used her form to imposter. Last heard of her in the comics she was at Camp Hammond (earth). Who knows what's more in store for her.

Picture of Thor Girl

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