Wednesday 8 March 2017

Captain Brittain

We all know Captain America since he's one of the greatest heroes Stan Lee's ever written about but did you know the captain of stars and stripes had colleague on the other side of the sea? Captain Britain is a real character.

Brian Braddock was chosen to be the champion of the people of Great Britain. He didn't always act alone, there were days he ran with the members of Excalibur (a group of Britain heroes) to save the day. Later he learned he was one of a infinite number of Captains created to protect the multiverse. Later he succeeded to become commander of the Captain Britain Corps.
He had a brief romantic relation with a mutant called Meggan but he lost her when she sacrificed herself during the M-day events.

He also played a big part in the Secret Invasion saga's where he protects Avalon from the skrull's whom tried to invade it.

Captain Brittain

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