Sunday 30 July 2017

Comic con San Diëgo 2017

Let's see, for as far as i've checked out Comic con had a lot of big suprises in store for the upcomming MCU movies. Lets begin!

First of all, what about this trailer!!!

DAMN! Hulk finally talks?! Boy I can't wait to see how he and Thor have the brotherly testosterone fights just like they already have in the cartoon versions. We'll post more about the trailers details later.

Moving on! The defenders have been busy aswell!

I Love how Jessica Jones is all 'no it isn't' about the Iron Fists Chi. Some major team up's upcoming year and talking about major team up's!

How about this! I'm sorry if i've said this before but this looks epic! Every single Marvel movie since phase 2 has been leading to this one. I don't think such a huge project has ever been done, certainly not in the superhero bussiness.
Again a lot to talk about on this poster, stuff I wil come back to later on. 

Finaly we have two new posters that look amazing.


Again, I'm really sorry i'm so late with all this stuff. Enjoy it anyway and i'll be back soon with some new posts!