Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Defenders

The Defenders! A team up we're all looking forward to. After the great succes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix is planning to work towards a superhero team up.

The Defenders will be a four hero team containing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. I don't know if this was the plan since day one but it kind of makes some sense.
In the comicbooks the defenders are not the loud and public kind of team like the Avengers or the X-men. But they're an underground group of heroes who help each other out from time to time. No official meeting place, no rulebook or guideline for the team members. And in a lot of stories several members even dislike each other.

Sunday 26 June 2016

A variety of Hulks

If you thought there was only one Hulk you're wrong. Oké, there is only one true hulk as we know him from the movies. There is only one original Hulk, but a few were able to get hulk like powers. Today we'll tell you all about them.

First let me start off with the original Hulk. We all know the basics don't we? Genius professor who is a little bit too curious. Experiments with Gamma radiation for military research and ends up turning into a giant, green rage monster. Every time Bruce gets angry or when his hart rate goes up he changes again. What many don't know is that in some comics the Hulk turns grey from time to time. Grey hulk is a version of the Hulk where Bruce Banner is able to control his transformation. In this version the Hulk is able to think like a genius making him smarter but less dangerous.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Spidey's gear

Everybody knows Spiderman. The web slinging hero is one of the most beloved marvel characters and has a great deal of movie and comic history behind him.

Throughout the universes there were many versions of Spiderman but today i'd like to talk about the version where he uses artificial webbing.
In the last two movies (the amazing spiderman and the amazing spiderman two) they used this version but since the series of movies was brought to an end (when Disney bought the rights of spiderman) we never really got to see the potential of his gear.

Now with the introduction of a new spiderman in the Civil War we learn that this spiderman also invents a web-shooter. Also at the end of the movie spiderman gets an upgraded web-shooter from Tony Stark. This one has the Spider-Signal, a device used in the early issues of the comics.

Sunday 19 June 2016

X-men Apocalypse review

I'm writing this post because Apocalypse is a hot subject right now. I'd like to share the differences between the movie and the comics and I would also like to give my personal opinion about certain parts of the movie. 

If you were wondering, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I love how they brought Jean Grey and Cyclops in the picture. Also Nightcrawler was brought very good and the whole weapon X drama building up, nice job FOX looks like they really start to realize what the fans like to see. 

A few things did bother me. First of all I think they went of way to fast with the whole Phoenix power scene. Jean Grey and her inner phoenix is a major part of the comic books and I think they went over it too fast. In the comic's you'll read that Jean has no control what so ever when she released the phoenix. It would be very dangerous to unleash such an amount of power surrounded by X-Men and Xavier of the comics would never allow it.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Weapon X

Weapon X! Is a big subject to talk about. For those who don't know, Weapon X is the name of an evil government organisation with as main purpose turning mutants into weapons. Throughout the years there are three well known versions of the organisation. This is what we'll be writing about today.

The first appearance of Weapon X is in the early nineteens. The weapon X facility was created by the Canadian government and it's best known victim is of course Wolverine! The leader of this mad experiment was John Sublime also the leader of an even bigger organisation called Weapon plus, which was a supersoldier program that started in the forties created to hunt down Mutants. Weapon X was the first branch of the organisation experimenting on Mutants.

They had the tools to erase or even alter the memories of their 'patients' making them into the perfect killers. After the successful first subject they made a team. You guessed it! Team X was born containing Wolverine, Sabertooth, Maverick, Silver Fox, Mastodon and Kestrel. The team didn't last very long since Native (An other mutant with a healing factor and heightened senses) made Wolverine see the truth and helped him escape. So in a raging storm Wolverine killed almost every person in the building and left Weapon X dead behind.

Weapon X DeadPool Wolverine

Sunday 12 June 2016

Same heroes, different universes

If you only know Marvel because of the movies and you'd like to pick up the comic books. This might be a interesting post for you. It might also clear the air for some people who've not been reading comicbooks for that long.

When Marvel started out it was just a guy drawing comics. I can imagine he never dreamt it would ever become this big. At first he created characters and story's. It soon became a succes so there came more characters and more stories. But after years and years of writing at some point you just can't keep on inventing characters. Also at some other point the stories of the really popular characters came at an end so they had to find a solution. This is when they decided to create different universes.

In this post we'll be using Spiderman as an example. Once the first storyline of Spiderman and a great deal of other heroes ended they started over with a new universe. They would take the whole thing back to zero and start over. The character names would stay the same, we'd still be reading about Peter Parker and he would probably still have his spider powers but the main story would change completely. Maybe this time he would not have a girlfriend, or the villains would be way stronger. There are even universes where our heroes are villains!

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Thor Ragnarok

The title of the next solo film about the god of thunder will be 'Thor Ragnarok'. It seemed fitting to give a little info about that title. Ragnarok is a name given to the end of all things in old nordic religion. The character Thor and his brother and father are all based on this religion. 

Marvel has used the name 'Ragnarok' before. In the civil war comics he makes his entrance. Iron Man works together with Hank Pym and Mr Fantastic trying to make a clone of Thor. The real Thor is missing at that moment but Stark had a hair of Thor which he used to clone the Asgardian DNA. The whole thing (of course) goes south. Ragnarok goes evil and kills Goliath. Mr Fantastic deactivated the clone and they stored him away. 
At the time none of the heroes knew that Pym wasn't really Pym. But a skrull alien who took doctor Pym's form while the real Pym was held captivated. The imposter messed with the Ragnarok software and the clone rises again. 

Sunday 5 June 2016

T'Challa, The black panther

The black panther is a hot subject these days. We all got a first look at him in the civil war movie and he was absolutely bad ass. In this post we'll be putting him under the looking glass so you'll know a little something extra about this character.

T'Challa becomes king of the fictional Wakanda when his father is killed. Way back, a meteor made of the sound absorbing metal 'Vibranium' fell on Wakanda. Knowing this was a very rare and powerful metal T'Chakka (father of T'Challa) decides to close the borders of his lands and hide the metal from outsiders. The Panther clan does a great job hiding the stuff but a scientist named Ulysses Klaw is able to get his hands on the stuff. Forging a weapon out of it he's able to kill the ruler of Wakanda. This unlike in the last Captain America (Civil War) where his fathers assassination was arranged by Helmut Zemo.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Civil War Comic vs Movie

Captain America: Civil War has been out in theaters for a while now. Most of you have enjoyed the movie, but I'd like to pinpoint some differences compared to the comic version. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading because this post might contain some major spoilers for you! 

The Marvel comics have had different versions of the civil war throughout the years. I'll be writing about the version written by Mark Miller, which is a recent one and the last one i've read.