Sunday 2 April 2017

Daughters of the dragon

Today's post we'll talk about something that happened in the Iron Fist series. If you haven't seen it yet you might want to skip this post!

We want to talk about Colleen Wing who's one of the main characters. In the beginning of the series she participates in these cage fights for some extra cash. When the host of the fights presents her she chooses 'the daughter of the dragon' as her fighter nickname. I went out and looked it up and found something that might be a thing in the future defenders series.

There is a team up called 'the daughters of the dragon'. Colleen is part of the team but the second member is Misty Knight who was one of the main characters in the previous 'Luke Cage' franchise. The fact that these two were brought forth as main characters in both series could mean that the team up might really happen!

I for one hope these two badass women will kick ass together on television in the future.

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