Wednesday 28 December 2016


We all know Heimdall, the brave gatekeeper who watches over the universe protecting his people and the famous rainbow bridge. In the comic's however there's a little bit more story to this character and when I read it got me to thinking. I'll give you a short version of his story so we can speculate afterwords.

Heimdall's sister is lady Sif (what? yep!). In the comics they aren't all that close since Heimdall is bound to his duty as gatekeeper and spends most of his time at his post.
The first time Heimdall was defeated was by the fire demon Surtur who destroyed the rainbow bridge. After this incident Heimdall was released of his duty and he spend a lot more time in Asgard. During this time he became close with Amora the enchantress.
Later Odin gave some of his powers to Heimdall so he could rebuild the rainbow bridge and thus his watch continued.
Times later Odin was about to start his Odinsleep and in this time he decided to give most of his powers to Heimdall so he could rule Asgard in his absence.

After handeling one crisis after an other Loki was able to take over Odin's body and banish Heimdall to the dream dimension. It was Amora who'd saved Heimdall but left him again afterwords realizing that his duty towards his people would always stand in their way.

Later after Ragnarok, all the Asgardians soles were locked into mortal bodies and when Thor had rebuild Asgard, Heimdall helped him track down the humans who had an Asgardian sole in them. This so he could return his people.

Now what I'm about to say is just a mere guess but I think Heimdall might play a bigger role in the next Thor franchise. The rainbow bridge being broken has already happened and out of the last Thor movie we could assume that Odin's body might have been taken over by Loki so who knows?

Picture of Heimdall


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