Sunday 12 March 2017

Bucky Barnes

We all know about Bucky since he's been used in the previous MCU movies as the winter soldier. Today we'll be telling you a little about Bucky in te comic books. Not the evil winter soldier we all know but the sidekick of Captain America in his early years.

James Buchanan Barnes was a orphan boy who soon joined the army to do his part during the war. Soon he became the mascot of the Camp Lehigh base in Virginia. During this time Steve Rogers was stationed at this base and when Bucky learned that Steve was Captain America he soon became his most trusted friend and partner.

Since than they shared a lot of adventures and missions together and Bucky was always there to aid Captain America when he needed help.

The both of them were in London when one of their enemies 'Baron Zemo' (who plays a major part in the civil war movie) was attempting to steal a plane filled with bombs. As the drone plane took off Bucky leaped aboard and was apparently killed trying to defuse the bombs. Captain America fell in the lake and got frozen (as we all know).

Later Captain gets revived and becomes the leader of the avengers and also learns that the soviets had turned Bucky in the mercenary called 'the winter soldier'.

In the MCU movies they chose to kill off Bucky in a different less spectacular way and he also wasn't brought forward the way they did in the comics. As you can see the loyal servant of the Captain had his own suit.

Picture of Bucky Barnes

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