Sunday 28 May 2017


There should be comming a 'New-mutants' film adaption in 2018, the whole movie is still in pre- production but the story should be about a group of youngh mutants graduating Charles Xaviers home for the gifted. There are two roles they already gave away and one of them is Wolfsbane which will be played by Maisie Williams whom you might know from the game of thrones series (Where she plays Arya).
Here's a little info about the character!

Rahne Sinclair was born and raised in Scotland. She was raised by a fanatical minister called Reverend Craig. When she hit puberty her mutant powers started to developpe. She gained the power to transform into a wolf. When the minister saw this he claimed she was possesed by the devil and wanted to hunt her down.
The girl ran away in wolf form but was shot. She shape shifted back to her human form and was saved by a scientist called MacTaggert. Later when she healed she descided to join a group called the New Mutants, leaded by a friend of MacTaggert called Professor X. Later Cable reorganised the group calling them the X- Force.

I hope Fox makes a great movie out of this. It should air after the second Deadpool movie so Cable could appear in it. If they play there cards right they might form a X-Force franchise in the future!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Origan of the corrupt symbiotes like Venom

I while back we made a post about venom, a villain who faces Spiderman from time to time. Now I wanted to share where the symbiotes came from.

It all starts with an even more dangerous villian Thanos, at a time he visited a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy inhabited with a peaceful race of symbiotes called the Klyntar. The alien symbiotes lived in symbiosis with the other life forms on their home planet. They endeavored to create an intergalactic peacekeeping society by using the symbiosis they need to subsist in order to transform worthy hosts into the ultimate noble warriors, the Agents of the Cosmos. However, to achieve this perfect symbiosis, the host must have a perfect blend of moral and physical ideals. If not, the resulting symbiosis would corrupt both the Klyntar and its host. Symbiotes are fully aware and sentient creatures, but when corrupted they are vicious and wild, compelling their hosts to violence and corrupting them.

Now to continue the story,

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Black Bolt

Since the first images of The Inhumans franchise have been released I thought it wouldn't be the worst idea to paint a little picture about their king who goes by the alias 'Black Bolt'.

Eversince he was a baby Black Bolt was able to manipulate sound. Since he was so small his father locked him away in a silent room where he learned his son to control his powers. When he was old and strong enough to be welcomed back into the Inhuman society Black Bolt vowed to never speak again.

Soon Black Bolt learned about his brother Maximus who was making deals with the Kree. Black Bolt in his curiosity tried to stop a Kree ship that was leaving from a meeting with Maximus but instead he crashed the ship killing a few innocent inhumans amongst which his parents.

Since that day he wore the crown of the Inhuman society and ruled them fair. Even though the Inhumans wished to live in secret Black Bolt appeared in some other superhero stories mostly as a unexpected helping hand.

During the civil war he stayed neutral not picking Tony nor Captain's side.