Thursday 30 March 2017

Nelson, Foggy

You might've heard off Foggy since he's one of the main characters in the Netflix series of Daredevil. Today we'll throw a light on the comic version of Foggy.

Foggy's story starts as the roommate of Matt Murdock at Colombia University and Harvard Law School. Matt became his best friend but Foggy never knew about the powers Matt possessed.
When they graduated they opened Nelson & Murdock, a law firm in Hell's Kitchen. But when the kingpin learns who Matt really is they close the firm and Foggy goes out on his own. After opening his own firm for a brief while he learns about Matt's secret.

They had their bit of discussions but decided to re open Nelson and Murdock. This time they primarily focus on clients with supernatural problems. The firm appeared in many comics as a save haven for heroes who get sued by innocent bystanders or the government.

Who knows, maybe Foggy and Matt in the Netflix series find a way to work together in the future seasons.

Picture of Foggy Nelson

Wednesday 22 March 2017


You might not know about this guy but I first read about him in the deadpool and cable series and I totally dig him! Hopefully there will come some kind of movie appearance about this Tarzan like character but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!

Son of British nobleman Lord Robert Plunder (the discoverer of vibranium by the way), Ka-Zar grew up in the Antarctic 'Savage Land'. His dad got murdered by the hands of Man-Apes and Ka-Zar was left alone in the wilderness.
Zabu the intelligent sabertoothed tiger raised the boy to become a man. In the savage land dinosaurs and man apes were still a fact and Ka-Zar learned to live amongst these ruthless creatures.

His arch enemy is his brother 'Parnival' and later during his story he marries Shanna the she- devil and becomes father of a son 'Matthew'.

He's most known as side character in other stories since a lot of villains use the savage land as a secret location for their hideout. Heroes would try to find them only to bounce up against some dinosaurs. Ka-Zar would be the mysterious man who saves the heroes by defeating the monsters that blocked their way.

Image of Ka-Zar

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Thor Girl

We all know Thor, the god of Thunder and in one of my previous posts we talked about the female version of Thor (who's Jane Foster). There is however one worthy woman we haven't discussed. Thor girl exists and is created after Thanos destroyed her home.

Tarene is the designated prophesied by X'Hoss to elevate all life to greatness. Before she could for do what she was meant to do, Thanos destroyed her home planet and stripped her off most of her powers. Thor and Orikal were able to defeat Thanos before he could destroy her.

Thor took Tarene to earth where she takes te name Thor girl (she became a big fan of her hero). Even tough she lost a great deal of power, she still had her almost immortality (like Thor) and she was also still a lot stronger than the average human being. She also has a hammer but it's not as powerful as Mjollnir. She could control the weather with it and shoot off energie beams. Unlike Mjollnir everybody can lift the thing but not everybody can wield it's powers since it takes a lot of strength.

Thor girl played her part in the secret wars where a skrull used her form to imposter. Last heard of her in the comics she was at Camp Hammond (earth). Who knows what's more in store for her.

Picture of Thor Girl

Sunday 12 March 2017

Bucky Barnes

We all know about Bucky since he's been used in the previous MCU movies as the winter soldier. Today we'll be telling you a little about Bucky in te comic books. Not the evil winter soldier we all know but the sidekick of Captain America in his early years.

James Buchanan Barnes was a orphan boy who soon joined the army to do his part during the war. Soon he became the mascot of the Camp Lehigh base in Virginia. During this time Steve Rogers was stationed at this base and when Bucky learned that Steve was Captain America he soon became his most trusted friend and partner.

Since than they shared a lot of adventures and missions together and Bucky was always there to aid Captain America when he needed help.

The both of them were in London when one of their enemies 'Baron Zemo' (who plays a major part in the civil war movie) was attempting to steal a plane filled with bombs. As the drone plane took off Bucky leaped aboard and was apparently killed trying to defuse the bombs. Captain America fell in the lake and got frozen (as we all know).

Later Captain gets revived and becomes the leader of the avengers and also learns that the soviets had turned Bucky in the mercenary called 'the winter soldier'.

In the MCU movies they chose to kill off Bucky in a different less spectacular way and he also wasn't brought forward the way they did in the comics. As you can see the loyal servant of the Captain had his own suit.

Picture of Bucky Barnes


You might have heard of  her since she's a well known character but she hasn't appeared in any of the MCU movies so far. Amora the enchantress is one of the immortals that lives in Asgard.

Master sorceress Karnilla trained his pupil wel since Amora became one of the most feared magicians in whole Asgard. She uses her magic to allure man around her and poison their hearts. At first she wasn't all evil but as most marvel stories this one as well starts with Thor.
When she meets him she desires his heart and she wants him to be hers. Thor isn't interested in her and that's when she turns evil and tries to catch Thor one way or an other. How Thor can have such a love for humanity is a riddle for her and she longs for him to rule Asgard with her as his queen next to him.

The enchantress' love of manipulating others to do her will has resulted in her often teaming up with Skurge, the grim. He's hopeless in love with Amora so he does her will no matter the cost. In one story she even tries to conquer Asgard.

We'll be writing about Skurge as well in the future!


Wednesday 8 March 2017

Captain Brittain

We all know Captain America since he's one of the greatest heroes Stan Lee's ever written about but did you know the captain of stars and stripes had colleague on the other side of the sea? Captain Britain is a real character.

Brian Braddock was chosen to be the champion of the people of Great Britain. He didn't always act alone, there were days he ran with the members of Excalibur (a group of Britain heroes) to save the day. Later he learned he was one of a infinite number of Captains created to protect the multiverse. Later he succeeded to become commander of the Captain Britain Corps.
He had a brief romantic relation with a mutant called Meggan but he lost her when she sacrificed herself during the M-day events.

He also played a big part in the Secret Invasion saga's where he protects Avalon from the skrull's whom tried to invade it.

Captain Brittain

Sunday 5 March 2017

Absorbing man

This villain isn't the most known one but it might ring a bell with you guys since he appeared on agents of SHIELD. Absorbing man! the name says it all, here's a little bit more about him.

In the comics this evil villain is created by Loki, who is off course searching for yet an other way to defeat his brother. Carl 'Crusher' Creel is an inmate with the reputation of having a temper. Loki gave him the power to absorb everything he touched. When he touched iron for instance his whole body would be made out of iron.
Soon after he got his powers he broke out of prison to fight Thor (as Loki intended). During the fight he kind off overdid it since he tried to absorb the power of the whole earth which caused him to explode.
Lucky for him and thanks to his new powers he wasn't completely defeated. Loki picked up the pieces of Carl and fixed him up. Since the first plan didn't quit worked out Loki now tried to overthrow Odin the Allfather. Odin off course defeated the Absorbing man and than banished him in outer space.

Carl appears many times in the Thor comic books but you can also find him facing off against Hulk, Spiderman and the Avengers. He even once absorbed the shield of Captain America.

Absorbing man