Monday 30 January 2017

Jane Foster as Thor

You've probably all have heard of the female version of Thor but did you know that this 'Thor' was actually Jane Foster, the real Odinson's first and foremost love of Midgard?

The story starts after the great Ragnarok event. At some point in the comics Ragnarok takes place (not the android Nega-Thor but the event where all Asgardian gods die). After this event Thor comes back to life and recreates his beloved home world and searches for all the Asgardian souls who now hide in humans living on Midgard.

At this time Jane Foster is suffering lung cancer. Jane refuses magical help from Thor. It's around this period of time Thor goes toe to toe with Nick Fury and loses. What? Yes! The God loses to a man with no superpowers. This happens because somewhere along the fight he became unworthy and couldn't wield his hammer anymore. Thor has a hard time accepting and when he leaves Mjolnir (unable to lift it) Jane tries to lift it and it works.

She became physically enhanced and had all the powers of Thor. When the original Thor finds out about it he first demands his hammer back but soon accepts that it had chosen a new owner now and was not his to wield anymore. He gives up his name and chooses to go by the name Odinson from that day.

Odinson and the rest of the world never found out who the new Thor really was.

Picture of Jane Foster as Thor

Sunday 29 January 2017

Secret Wars

I've been reading a lot about the secret wars while doing research for other posts so today I decided to find out about them. I haven't read the comics yet but i'm planning on doing so soon and I can only encourage people to do so.
For those who don't really get the whole 'different universes' stuff it might be confusing.

What I found out is that the comic book series was released in 2015 but is actually a series from way back in 1984. The story is modernized and a few different touches were applied but the roots of the story are the same.
It takes place on a planet called Battleworld. The planet is divided in territories in which heroes live. People from all kinds of universes live on this planet. This means that different versions of the same person live on the same planet.
For instance, there are several Tony Starks in Battle world, and in the Kingdom of Manhattan both Tony from earth 1610 and Tony from earth 616 walk the same streets.

As the title gives away not all these characters get along. I'm excited to read it because I think it's interesting to see some versions of the same hero face off against each other.

Picture Cover Secret Wars Battleworld

Sunday 22 January 2017


For those of you who watch the agents of SHIELD series you've no doubt heard of Quake. She plays one of the main roles in the series and that's what made me curious about her comicbook history. I've done some reading and here's a short summery of what she's like in the comics.

Daisy Johnson alias Quake, a lot of people believed she was a mutant at first. It turned out she had a direct bloodline with an Inhuman (Her father known as Mr Hyde, whom we also met in the series). In the series she had to awaken the Inhuman gen inside of here which didn't happen in the comicbooks. Her father had a lot of 'business' with prostitutes and when he got one pregnant she immediately gave the child away for adoption. Quake was raised by foster parents and at age twelve her superpowers awakened.

Nick Fury took her in and filled her in about her true parentage. He offered her to join shield and trained her to become one of the finest agents he ever had. It was here she learned to control her powers (kind of the same in the series, only here Coulson is the one who trains her).

During the secret war event her loyalty comes to the test when Nick Fury is hunted by the agency he once leaded. Maria Hill who is now the new director fired her since she would not play a part in the hunt for Fury.

In one of her story lines she teams up with the avengers! She helps them defeat the mutant rebel leader Magneto. In the comics this is where she earns her superhero name Quake.

Later she had a romantic relation with Hellfire and teams up with the avengers again this time to take on Osborn. When her powers grow out she is also able to create a psychic shield.

She might be a second degree hero in the series but in the comics she's kind of a big deal as you can read. Not everybody can say she or he'd teamed up with the avengers multiple times! I'm curious what's in store for her in the tv series.

picture of marvels Quake in the comicbooks

Monday 16 January 2017

The Odinsword

Hey guys, today we'll be talking about an object instead of a person. The Odinsword is a weapon that doesn't appear that much but it's powerful beyond measure and certainly worth mentioning.

The name 'Odinsword' is actually given to more than one weapon, it basically is just given to the weapon that Odin himself wields. The version we'll be talking about is the sword that appears the most.
The Odinsword also goes by the name 'the sword of Asgard' and it's huge! It is said that Odin would unsheathed it when the end of the universe is coming. In its origins story it's told that it was forged with the gold of a cursed Nibelung ring that would bring the end of Asgard. The ring brought a lot of greed with it. Odin even killed off his son Thor in greed for the ring but of course our favorite Asgardian was revived later. When Odin realized what the ring had done with him he made the dwarfs cut the jewel in two and made two rings of it. As punishment he had himself hanged with the rings on the Yggdrasil (the tree of worlds).
During his punishment he learned about the curse on the rings so he freed himself and made a sword of them trying to lift the curse.
Odin used the sword while wielding the destroyer armor, it was one of the most effective weapons Odin ever used. Thor eventually left the sword in the celestial world realizing nobody should use such a cursed weapon.

Hopefully we'll see a bit more of this weapon in future Thor franchises. I for one would love to see it on the big screen.

picture of the sword of Asgard

Wednesday 11 January 2017


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about Samson. He might not be the best known Marvel hero but this blog isn't only about the movies and the spotlight. Marvel has a lot of great heroes under the radar as well and with our posts we also hope to inspire people to read about the lesser known heroes.

Samson was born and raised in Oklahoma. He was the son of a some what perverted psychiater who made a habit of sleeping with his patients. First Samson didn't want to have anything to do with psychiatrists but eventually he gained his PhD on the subject in college.

Later he joined the army working together with general Ross. One day Samson was able to save Betty's (his daughter) life and gained the trust and approval of Ross. He also worked on a cure for Banner together with Banner himself and the two actually figured it out. They were able to cure Banner but Samson always longed for some supernatural powers so he messed with the machine that saved Banner and he irradiated himself with the machine that cured hulk. The result was that the slim brown haired guy turned in a muscled, green haired gaint.

Banner didn't really enjoy his cure since his dream wife Betty fell for the new and handsome Samson and the two became romantically involved. Bruce than later turned himself back into the hulk and fought Samson.
Hulk won the fight (by far) but Betty chose the weaker defeated Samson over the raging Hulk.

Samson appeared in the Civil War, World War Hulk, The Dark Reign series and a lot other Hulk related stories.
Next to the hulk he can't really win but this doesn't mean he isn't a strong guy, be sure to check him out!

image of Marvel Samson

Sunday 8 January 2017

Some more news on Logan!

The Logan movie is coming closer and we've collected some news on the subject for the people who just can't wait to see it (which is everybody, come on guys!).

First of all it's now confirmed that Richard Grant will be playing Dr. Zander Rice. You might not know who he is but it's one of the the creators of X-23 who we've wrote about earlier (here). Him being the villain also confirmed our previous guess that the little girl in the trailer was X-23.
The only question left is, will weapon X-23 become his friend or an enemy aswell?

Underneath are also two posters that came out about the bad ass old man Logan.

Poster Logan Movie

Logan Car

Thursday 5 January 2017


Today we'll be writing about Caliban, a name you might have heard of. The guy played a minor role in the X-men Apocalypse movie but he also will play a role in the upcoming Logan film which takes place in the future.
Weather he'll play a big role is yet to be seen but by reading this post you'll know the basics of this character.

Caliban is an albino mutant with the ability to track down other mutants. This makes him a big asset for both humans and mutants all over the world. At first he worked for an other mutant called Calisto who formed a group called the Morlocks. He didn't stay with the group very long and traveled to Manhattan.
He lived in the subway tunnels and sewers beneath the city with other outcasts and had absolutely no idea of his importance.
One day he crossed a mission of the x-men and when he saw the powers they possessed he kidnapped Kitty. He explained her that he wanted friends that had powers like him but when he was invited to become a x-men he declined the offer.

Later he joins the Molocks again and Xavier even offers all the Morlocks a sanctuary in his home but again they declined his offer. In the end of his story he gets crippled without a specific reason.
Several incidents occur with  him over various Marvel timelines. He also appears in the X-force under the guidance of Cable.

What his role will be in the Logan film is yet to be seen but his powers are always a big asset. So my guess is, this won't be different in this story.

Picture of Caliban