Thursday 9 February 2017

A variety of Captains

Last week we talked about the female version of Thor and this brought me up to the idea to write a post to the various incarnations of Captain America! Here's a brief introduction to a few versions of the patriot!

Steve Rogers: 

The main Captain we all know from the MCU films. He's the face of America and the voice of reason. starting out as a army reject he takes the super soldier serum and becomes the hero we all know so well.

Isaiah Bradley:

A underground version of Captain America. The African American community call him the black Captain America. When Steve was created they tried to recreate the serum and tested their experiments on black people. Isaiah is the result of these experiments.

William Nasland:

After Steve was presumed dead William was appointed Captain America. He was the first one officially given the titel of Captain America after Steve's 'death'.

Jeffrey Mace:

William Nasland wasn't the best Captain America and died pretty soon. Jeffrey was the next in line to take the titel. Jeffrey Mace can also been seen in the current TV serie Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the new director.

William Burnside:

After Jeffrey's retirement William Burnside took the title upon his shoulders. Unfortunately William took a rather bad copy of the serum and became delusional. He had to be locked up.

Bob Russo: 

Bob wasn't a stayer. He actually wore the title once and when he hurt himself on the job he immediately gave up.

Scar Turpin:

Scar also wore the title for one single mission. When he got a beating from a street gang called 'the road runners' he gave up.

Falcon and Bucky:

The two sidekicks both took the role upon them self but only a brief period when Steve lost his powers and when Steve was assumed death.

Dave Rickford:

Last special forces soldier Dave Rickford wore the title briefly when Steve took over as director of SHIELD.

I think we can all agree that there is only one true Captain America and that's Steve. By the looks of it many have tried but the job isn't easy, in my opinion there's only one man right for it!

Multiple Captain Americas

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