These days there's a lot of fuzz about the Marvel universe. Both Disney and FOX are making a huge deal of movies and the comic books have never been more popular.
There are several sorts of 'fans': You have the recent fans who've only seen the movies and know about the heroes displayed on the big screen and than there are the hardcore fans knowing almost every inch of the marvel universe. 

There are many reasons why we made this blog. First of all we'd like to tell the 'recent fans' a little bit more about the characters they see in the movies. What can we expect from them in the future? How is or isn't the story line in the movies different from the comic's? We'd also like to shine a light on the inside joke's in the movies that only the hardcore fans would get in theaters. 
The marvel universe is huge, it's a collection of years and years of work so we have plenty to write about. 

Hope you'll enjoy reading! 

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