Sunday 22 January 2017


For those of you who watch the agents of SHIELD series you've no doubt heard of Quake. She plays one of the main roles in the series and that's what made me curious about her comicbook history. I've done some reading and here's a short summery of what she's like in the comics.

Daisy Johnson alias Quake, a lot of people believed she was a mutant at first. It turned out she had a direct bloodline with an Inhuman (Her father known as Mr Hyde, whom we also met in the series). In the series she had to awaken the Inhuman gen inside of here which didn't happen in the comicbooks. Her father had a lot of 'business' with prostitutes and when he got one pregnant she immediately gave the child away for adoption. Quake was raised by foster parents and at age twelve her superpowers awakened.

Nick Fury took her in and filled her in about her true parentage. He offered her to join shield and trained her to become one of the finest agents he ever had. It was here she learned to control her powers (kind of the same in the series, only here Coulson is the one who trains her).

During the secret war event her loyalty comes to the test when Nick Fury is hunted by the agency he once leaded. Maria Hill who is now the new director fired her since she would not play a part in the hunt for Fury.

In one of her story lines she teams up with the avengers! She helps them defeat the mutant rebel leader Magneto. In the comics this is where she earns her superhero name Quake.

Later she had a romantic relation with Hellfire and teams up with the avengers again this time to take on Osborn. When her powers grow out she is also able to create a psychic shield.

She might be a second degree hero in the series but in the comics she's kind of a big deal as you can read. Not everybody can say she or he'd teamed up with the avengers multiple times! I'm curious what's in store for her in the tv series.

picture of marvels Quake in the comicbooks

Monday 16 January 2017

The Odinsword

Hey guys, today we'll be talking about an object instead of a person. The Odinsword is a weapon that doesn't appear that much but it's powerful beyond measure and certainly worth mentioning.

The name 'Odinsword' is actually given to more than one weapon, it basically is just given to the weapon that Odin himself wields. The version we'll be talking about is the sword that appears the most.
The Odinsword also goes by the name 'the sword of Asgard' and it's huge! It is said that Odin would unsheathed it when the end of the universe is coming. In its origins story it's told that it was forged with the gold of a cursed Nibelung ring that would bring the end of Asgard. The ring brought a lot of greed with it. Odin even killed off his son Thor in greed for the ring but of course our favorite Asgardian was revived later. When Odin realized what the ring had done with him he made the dwarfs cut the jewel in two and made two rings of it. As punishment he had himself hanged with the rings on the Yggdrasil (the tree of worlds).
During his punishment he learned about the curse on the rings so he freed himself and made a sword of them trying to lift the curse.
Odin used the sword while wielding the destroyer armor, it was one of the most effective weapons Odin ever used. Thor eventually left the sword in the celestial world realizing nobody should use such a cursed weapon.

Hopefully we'll see a bit more of this weapon in future Thor franchises. I for one would love to see it on the big screen.

picture of the sword of Asgard

Wednesday 11 January 2017


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about Samson. He might not be the best known Marvel hero but this blog isn't only about the movies and the spotlight. Marvel has a lot of great heroes under the radar as well and with our posts we also hope to inspire people to read about the lesser known heroes.

Samson was born and raised in Oklahoma. He was the son of a some what perverted psychiater who made a habit of sleeping with his patients. First Samson didn't want to have anything to do with psychiatrists but eventually he gained his PhD on the subject in college.

Later he joined the army working together with general Ross. One day Samson was able to save Betty's (his daughter) life and gained the trust and approval of Ross. He also worked on a cure for Banner together with Banner himself and the two actually figured it out. They were able to cure Banner but Samson always longed for some supernatural powers so he messed with the machine that saved Banner and he irradiated himself with the machine that cured hulk. The result was that the slim brown haired guy turned in a muscled, green haired gaint.

Banner didn't really enjoy his cure since his dream wife Betty fell for the new and handsome Samson and the two became romantically involved. Bruce than later turned himself back into the hulk and fought Samson.
Hulk won the fight (by far) but Betty chose the weaker defeated Samson over the raging Hulk.

Samson appeared in the Civil War, World War Hulk, The Dark Reign series and a lot other Hulk related stories.
Next to the hulk he can't really win but this doesn't mean he isn't a strong guy, be sure to check him out!

image of Marvel Samson

Sunday 8 January 2017

Some more news on Logan!

The Logan movie is coming closer and we've collected some news on the subject for the people who just can't wait to see it (which is everybody, come on guys!).

First of all it's now confirmed that Richard Grant will be playing Dr. Zander Rice. You might not know who he is but it's one of the the creators of X-23 who we've wrote about earlier (here). Him being the villain also confirmed our previous guess that the little girl in the trailer was X-23.
The only question left is, will weapon X-23 become his friend or an enemy aswell?

Underneath are also two posters that came out about the bad ass old man Logan.

Poster Logan Movie

Logan Car

Thursday 5 January 2017


Today we'll be writing about Caliban, a name you might have heard of. The guy played a minor role in the X-men Apocalypse movie but he also will play a role in the upcoming Logan film which takes place in the future.
Weather he'll play a big role is yet to be seen but by reading this post you'll know the basics of this character.

Caliban is an albino mutant with the ability to track down other mutants. This makes him a big asset for both humans and mutants all over the world. At first he worked for an other mutant called Calisto who formed a group called the Morlocks. He didn't stay with the group very long and traveled to Manhattan.
He lived in the subway tunnels and sewers beneath the city with other outcasts and had absolutely no idea of his importance.
One day he crossed a mission of the x-men and when he saw the powers they possessed he kidnapped Kitty. He explained her that he wanted friends that had powers like him but when he was invited to become a x-men he declined the offer.

Later he joins the Molocks again and Xavier even offers all the Morlocks a sanctuary in his home but again they declined his offer. In the end of his story he gets crippled without a specific reason.
Several incidents occur with  him over various Marvel timelines. He also appears in the X-force under the guidance of Cable.

What his role will be in the Logan film is yet to be seen but his powers are always a big asset. So my guess is, this won't be different in this story.

Picture of Caliban

Wednesday 28 December 2016


We all know Heimdall, the brave gatekeeper who watches over the universe protecting his people and the famous rainbow bridge. In the comic's however there's a little bit more story to this character and when I read it got me to thinking. I'll give you a short version of his story so we can speculate afterwords.

Heimdall's sister is lady Sif (what? yep!). In the comics they aren't all that close since Heimdall is bound to his duty as gatekeeper and spends most of his time at his post.
The first time Heimdall was defeated was by the fire demon Surtur who destroyed the rainbow bridge. After this incident Heimdall was released of his duty and he spend a lot more time in Asgard. During this time he became close with Amora the enchantress.
Later Odin gave some of his powers to Heimdall so he could rebuild the rainbow bridge and thus his watch continued.
Times later Odin was about to start his Odinsleep and in this time he decided to give most of his powers to Heimdall so he could rule Asgard in his absence.

After handeling one crisis after an other Loki was able to take over Odin's body and banish Heimdall to the dream dimension. It was Amora who'd saved Heimdall but left him again afterwords realizing that his duty towards his people would always stand in their way.

Later after Ragnarok, all the Asgardians soles were locked into mortal bodies and when Thor had rebuild Asgard, Heimdall helped him track down the humans who had an Asgardian sole in them. This so he could return his people.

Now what I'm about to say is just a mere guess but I think Heimdall might play a bigger role in the next Thor franchise. The rainbow bridge being broken has already happened and out of the last Thor movie we could assume that Odin's body might have been taken over by Loki so who knows?

Picture of Heimdall


Wednesday 21 December 2016


Hey guy's, a lot of Marvel fuzz the last few days. Disney send out a shitload of stuff to talk about, the Spiderman Homecoming trailer, the Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 trailer and also a great deal of new photo's and info on the upcoming movies.
We wrote about it as much as we could and tried to share as much info as possible, thank you for reading it!

Now that the dust has settled we'd like to take the time to talk about SWORD. Something tells me they'll be appearing in the movies soon with al the extraterrestrial action lately.
We all know SHIELD by now. Not only was Marvel able to integrate this organization in almost every MCU film so far, they got there own series as wel! (Agents of SHIELD).

SWORD started out as a sub division of SHIELD and were specialized in extraterrestrial threats. The two worked tight for a long time until the departure of Nick Fury as director. The relations of the two organizations are known to be blurred after his leave.

The director of SWORD is special agent Abigail Brand. They primarily operate from their main hideout which is a space station called 'the peak'. Luckily this one is not known for crashing in the sea every other chapter of it's story like the helicarrier. In the series 'The Avengers: earths mightiest heroes' the main base of SWORD is 'the Damoclies' which is the captured alien space ship of Kang the conqueror.

So basically SWORD is like SHIELD, only difference is that shield deals with earth problems and sword with space ones.
With a new guardians of the galaxy and Thanos coming up we hope the introduce this as well. Erik Salvig refered to sword once in the alternate ending of Thor.

Picture of The Peak, Headquarters of S.W.O.R.D.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Howard the duck

Some of you might have heard of him, Howard the duck! A talking duck born and raised in New Stork city at Duckworld, a world a lot like ours but here the dominant species are ducks and humans do not exist. What most of you probably didn't know is that Howard is a Marvel character.

Howard always was a true disappointment. His parents Dave and Dotti weren't very proud of him. He always made a mess of things and could not keep a job. Nobody at duckworld actually really liked him. One day he runs into a power hungry demon called Thog. Thog was messing with magic in the hope to rule all of reality but instead he teleports Howard to earth.
At first Howard thinks he's still on his own planet since earth and duckworld are much alike but when he sees the whole planet is ruled by hairless monkeys he realizes what happened.

Howard wasn't alone, Thog had teleported other strange beings to earth and they teamed up to defeat the demon. Howard fought along side Korrek the barbarian, Jennifer Cale, Dakimh the enchanter and the man- thing. They did win the fight but howard got teleported again to Cleveland, Ohio.
Here Howard starts building a life and tries to keep a job. He encounters some other heroes like Spiderman and she hulk.
He also fights a lot of strange foe's named Ducktor Doom, Spider Ham, Captain Americana and Grey Panther.

I think Marvel wanted to make some kind of funny spinoff series away from all the superhero seriousness and this is how they came up with Howard the Duck. At the post credits scene in guardians of the galaxy you can see him in the colectors hall of collections and he had his own movie
back in 1986.

Howard the Duck

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Marvel in the real world

The Marvel universe has countless famous buildings. Stark tower, the avengers mansion, the baxter building, ... just a few of the many we all know. What if a fan were to look up the places where these buildings are supposed to stand. What if those buildings were actually based on the buildings standing in the real world.
One fan (Flickr - ChildOfAtom) asked himself these questions and went out to take a look. Some of the buildings he found kinda looked like the comic versions but I think we can all agree they're way more impressing in the comic books.   

First off we got the Baxter building. The famous hideout of the fantastic four. Personally I think this one is oké, it isn't really the same but it isn't that diffirent.

Sunday 27 November 2016


We've been talking a lot about the infinity stones lately. It's normal since the stones play a big role in the upcoming MCU films. Everything seems to build up Thanos who's after them for his infinity Gauntlet (read our previous post about the Gauntlet here ).

A question that might have crossed your mind is 'where did they come from?'. Well they actually used to be a living being. Nemesis was the sole being in all existence. She led a lonely life and when she couldn't take the loneliness any longer she shattered herself forming the multiverse and the infinity stones.

There used to be six gem's instead of five. The Ego gem was the one that claimed that it was the original being and was now ready to reclaim itself. Nemesis rose again when Adam Warlock brought the stones together and it took a whole lot of power to defeat her. The avengers alongside several other avengers teams from different reality's fought her and finally defeated her breaking the ego gem.

Who knows, maybe we'll get a little info about her in the next avengers franchise


Wednesday 23 November 2016


Hey everyone, today we'll be talking about Warlock. The reason for this is that Warlock's cocoon is speculated to be in the next Thor franchise. Whether or not it's true it's always fun to learn about someone new. 

Warlock was created by called 'the beehive'. They tried to make the perfect human being and Warlock is the result of their experiment. The beehive called Warlock 'him' at first. When 'him' emerged he soon sensed that the beehive would use him for evil purposes so he escaped killing a bunch of them on his way out. 
Warlock was set free in the world with no knowing of human ways or life experience non the less. He lived on nothing but instinct. Now you can only imagine what a instinctive young man would do as he encounters lady Sif… That's right, after seeing the queen of combat he tries to kidnap her in order to mate with her. 
Thor doesn't like this, not one bit so he beats Warlock until he's nearly dead. Warlock retreated to a regenerative cocoon and reborns. 

After this rebirth he get's the name Warlock from the high evolutionary who guided him and gave him purpose. One big deal is the fact that the high evolutionary gives him the soul gem which is the last missing infinity stone in the MCU universe. This means that all the stones would be on the map if they really use Warlock off course. 

Later in his story he journeys to the planet called counter earth which is kind of a parallel version of the planet earth. here he faces his greatest enemies 'the man-beast' and becomes one of the greatest heroes on counter earth.

adam warlock

Monday 21 November 2016


Hey guys! The new Deadpool movie has been out for a while now and I think that every real  Deadpool fan will confirm it was everything we'd hoped for. If you watched until after the credits (duh) you've seen how Deadpool teases about Cable in the next movie. Lucky for you guy's I've read all the Deadpool & Cable comics so today we'll give a little info about who Cable is.

You should know Cable is a very complex character so I won't get in to every detail about his Marvel history, what I will get into is his role next to Deadpool and his powers.
Cable's real name is Nathan Summers, that's right! Summers! Cable is actually the son of Cyclops. How's that even possible? He looks way older than Cyclops! I'm glad you asked. In the comics Cable is also known as the soldier of the future. Basically Cyclops did some shady shit to conceive Cable using a clone of Jean Grey (ew!). When Cable showed much potential a lot of people held there eye on him, one of those 'people' was Apocalyps. Afraid of losing his son and out of options Scott agreed to send the boy 2.000 years into the future.

In the series 'Deadpool and Cable' Nathan is back in the present. He has a lot of powers (In my honest opinion this character is completely overpowered and could rule the whole earth.). In this story he's able to Teleport, use Telepathy, has Telekinese, Is able to travel trough time and space. Deadpool on the other hand has nothing but his healing factor. Still they weigh up against each other since Cable has a soft spot for Deadpool and throughout the story they are friends at some points and foe's at others.

Cable wants to create a 'Land' (which he makes himself using his Telekinese powers). A land free of violence, war, racisme. Basically he wants to play God. He uses his powers to surveillance everything that happens in his land and naturally it all backfires.

Weather or not this is the storyline they wil use (which is a heavy one if you ask me.) we'll have to see in the second Deadpool franchise! At least now you know a little bit more about Cable!

cable & deadpool

Wednesday 16 November 2016


It's been a while since we've last talked about someone in the 'Spidey' theme. Today I've decided to take a look at one of my favorite Spiderman villains 'Venom'.

When we refer to Venom we could be talking about two different things. Some say Venom is the boy called Eddie Brock, who was the second victim of the symbiote virus after Peter Parker himself. Others claim that Venom is what the symbiote virus calls itself.

To be clear the symbiote virus is alien and feeds from it's host adrenaline. It grants the host spider-like powers but the more it feeds the more influence it gets on the host until the host has no saying anymore. The virus can split up and take over different hosts at a time. Some notable hosts in Marvel history are Flash Thompson, Peter's friend and later army Corporal. He actually uses the Virus for the good as an agent. Also career criminal Mac Gargan who uses it's powers to join the dark avengers.


Sunday 13 November 2016

Ms. Marvel

You might have heard of here, you might not but she's a big character in the MCU and certainly one you should know a little something about. Today we're giving a little origins info about Ms. Marvel.

Carol Danvers always had a love for flying. When she graduated high school she gave herself up to be trained at the air force academy. People soon noticed that she had a neck for this kind of stuff and she roze in the ranks becoming a major. Since she was so good she soon got a job with the CIA where she worked with colonel Nick Fury.

In a Canadian mission she had to partner up with a agent Logan and the two shared many adventures. During their time together they became very close, maybe even lovers.
After some escapades with the CIA Carol decided to leave and joined NASA instead. It was there that her whole life changed. She met the Kree warrior called Mar-vell. During her investigation they created a unique bond and later on they as wel became lovers. Mar-vell had a lot of enemies maybe the biggest one was colonel Yon-Rogg. The evil colonel kidnapped Carol and used her as bait for Mar-vell and when he came for her during his rescue mission she got hit by a energie blow which fused Mar-vell his powers with her.

Miss Marvel was born and boy she was strong. Flight, enhanced strength, durability and the power to shoot lazer blasts from her hands. No joke! She has been a part of the X-Men (even though she isn't a mutant.) and the Avengers.

Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel teaser trailer comic con leaked footage: Marvel's Hall H Panel 2016

Brie Larson will be playing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Gorr the god butcher

Hey guys! today we're going to talk about a villain i read recently about. Marvel is bringing out a lot of new comicbook series and it's hard to keep track so i decided to follow a story line of Thor, The New Avengers, Ironman and Wolverine. Gorr the god butcher is a villain from the Thor series and I think he's a real badass.

Born on a planet with no name Gorr was surrounded by death. When he was just a boy his parents died and he soon had to fight against starvation day after day. His parents thought him to pray to the gods, that they would make everything ok. No matter how hard he prayed he got no answer. Later on he found himself a wife and got a son but the magic didn't last very long since his wife died in a earthquake and his son starved in his arms.

Gorr blamed the god's and all beings calling them self a god or goddess would pay. He gained powers called the All-Black Necrosword and so he began slaying. The god of fear, war, genocide, plague, chaos, earthquakes, blood, wrath, jealousy, degradation and even death. They all met his sword and died at his hand.
There was one god who escaped him. No one else than our hero Thor. While Gorr was torturing him in the Viking ages the humans came for his rescue and Thor was able to cut off Gorr's arm before escaping.
The result wasn't really what Thor hoped for since Gorr's wrath grew and he slayed even more god's and became even more powerful. After slaying all the god's he could find Gorr began to mess with diffirent time streams and eventually it comes to a face off between past Thor (who could not even wield mjollnir yet), present Thor (who we all know) and Thor for the future (much like Odin) against Gorr.

The story isn't hard to find since it's all new and if you're looking for something good I strongly recommend it!

Gorr the god butcher

Sunday 6 November 2016

The Serpent Society

If you watched the Luke Cage series you might have noticed that the bad guy's (Cottonmouth and Diamondback) were al named after snakes. This isn't a coincidence since the most stable criminal organisation in the Marvel Universe is called 'The Serpent Society'.

I must admit that I've seen a few appearances of the serpents and my impression of them was a bunch of idiots dressed as snakes but after Luke Cage I looked into them and there seems to be more about them than meets the eye. 
The one who started the whole group was Sidewinder, who had tried creating a organisation a few times with 'The Serpent Squad' before succeeding. The first members were Anaconda, Black Mamba and Death Ader. Sidewinder convinced them to contact other known mob's and gangsters and soon the group grew. Asp, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Diamondback, Cobra and Princess Python joined the club. 
When the whole bunch came together Sidewinder explained his idea. A society of mob's and gangsters working together as one. Each would lay out there resources and they would all benefit from each others technologie, weapons, money, insurance and health benefits. They would also be for hire to criminals who could afford them.

There first gig was killing the original M.O.D.O.K. for an ex member of AIM. When they succeeded they really got on the map as hired criminals of the first caliber. 
Later Princess Python deserted the group and Death Ader got killed. Viper once tried to take over the group but Diamond back got help from Captain America himself to save the society.

As you can read there's more about the group than meets the eye. Killing M.O.D.O.K. or getting help from the Captain himself aren't things achieved by a group of idiots. Even tough they're painted of as idiots sometimes. 

The Serpent Society

Monday 31 October 2016

Ronan the accuser

As  promised I'll be telling you guys a little more about Ronan today. You've all seen him in the first Guardians of the galaxy movie where he plays the main villain. Personally I think the Guardians were able to defeat him quit easily considering his powerful weapon. Than again it can't be easy putting all these huge Marvel stories in movies that last two hours tops so keeping that in mind his character was visualized quit decently. Here's how it all started for Ronan.

Ronan is a Kree and a very traditional one. When he was young he always had his eyes on joining the public accusers corps which is the Kree law enforcement. When he completed his studies he made his dream reality and soon rose in the ranks.
When he made a huge bust revealing Skrull soldiers who tried to travel trough Kree space he got promoted to supreme accuser. This status is the highest one among the accusers and he only had to answer to the supreme intelligence.

The characters made a lot of appearances in the fantastic four, captain Marvel, the inhumans and he plays a big part in the 'Kree - Skrull war' series. He is most known for his weapon which is a massive hamer. All accusers wield one but at some point Ronan's hamer gets empowered even more by one of the infinity stones! (This also happens in the movie).

He's a interesting character at the least and a worthy first enemy for the guardians.

Ronan the accuser

Wednesday 26 October 2016


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about X-23. Some of you might have heard but the wrap has reported some pretty sweet facts about the new Wolverine movie called 'Logan'. A few of them we already knew like the fact that the movie will be played in the future and some stuff we could already assume seeing the trailer.
The thing which drew my attention most however was that they confirmed that the little girl traveling with Logan in the trailer will have claws like him but only two on each hand. There were a lot of rumors about X-23 being in the movie so I guess this kind off confirms it? No way of telling for sure but we'll tell you about X-23 in this post so you at least know who she is.

A top-secret program tried to recreate the original Weapon-X experiment. A lot of mutants were brought in and died because of this program. There was no mutant strong enough to endure the procedure. After a while when te scientist working on this project were on the verge of giving up when a young scientist called Sarah Kinney came up with the idea of making a clone.
They pulled all the strings they had to scramble all the DNA they had left of the original Weapon-X but it wasn't enough to make a new wolverine. The DNA was damaged and it had only x-chromosomes which meant they were not able to clone a man.
Sarah went on and made a female clone against orders, as a punishment she had to play surrogate mother to the child.

X-23 was raised and trained as a weapon. Knowing nothing but captivity there wasn't much humanity left in her. They created a special scent on which X-23 would go in animal mode and kill whatever was in front of her.
The highest bidder could pay her for a mission, where she killed numerous people. After a while her surrogate mother commanded her to kill the people leading the project so they could escape the facility but when X-23 was out obeying her mothers command one of the scientist exposed her mother to the scent. When X-23 returned she killed her mother. Right before she died she named X-23 Laura.

Again, we don't know for sure if they're going to use X-23 but you have to admit it kind off looks like it! I for one can't wait to see Logan.


Sunday 23 October 2016

The super-Skrull

Hi, guys! today we'll be talking about a villain whom we think is definitely worth looking in to. The super-Skrull made a lot of great appearances. If you don't know what skrull are first read this previous post!
In one of the attempts of the Skrull to invade planet earth, it were the fantastic four who stopped them. The Skrull fell back infuriated by their defeat and there leader Dorrek was determined to defeat the team of heroes.

After lot's of discussions with the best and brightest among the Skrull, Dorrek pulled all his resources to creat a sublime warrior. One of his best soldiers got chosen to experiment on and he would finally be known as the super-Skrull.
This being had all the powers of the Fantastic four for his own and could wield them all at once. His weakness was that he was empowered by a interstellar beam. The first time he meets the Fantastic Four he humiliates them. The team didn't know what they were up against and were no match.
It didn't take long for Doctor Fantastic to figure out what empowered this creature and soon he invented a machine to block the beam and they were able to defeat the super-Skrull. 

The Skrull didn't give up easily so they created a stronger beam empowering their soldier again. The super-Skrull fell and roze many times. He stood against many foe's (Thor, The fantastic four, The avengers, Captain Marvel,...). He also did a lot of notable team up's with Thanos and Ronan the accuser (Ronan will be a subject we'll write about soon). 

Soon the value of the super-Skrull became noted by a lot of parties. He fought for a lot of armies sometimes against his own will but he played a big role in a lot of great story lines. Definitely a character worth knowing. 


Wednesday 19 October 2016


Guy's today marvel released a first sneak peek of 'guardians of the galaxy vol 2'. If you haven't seen it yet, hurry to our Facebook page (click here). Since most of us got surprised by this sudden release we've decided to make today's post about one of the new guardians.
That's right, there are two confirmed new guardians in this movie. Both of them had a side role in the previous movie but are ready to step up, we're talking about Yondu and Nebula. Nebula will be our subject a differente time, today will be all about Yondu!

Born on Zataon young Yondu grew up to be a hunter. The tribes who lived there were primal compared to earths further evolved humans. When earth started colonizing planet's outside their own, the solar system Zataon was one of the first planets on the radar. Most of the inhabitants were intimidated by earths supreme technology, they didn't pick a fight and had peaceful relationships with the settlers. Yondu's tribe however, sought sanctuary in the forests so they didn't need to contact the earthlings.

One day the planet was under attack by the Badoon. During the chaos Yondu came across an earthling and the two banded together in the hopes of escaping the planet. It didn't work out the way they planned since the Badoon captured them and held them prisoners.
Later Yondu and his human friend Astor escaped together with Charlie-27 and Martinex and the four of them founded the very first Guardians of the galaxy!

This is the origin story of Yondu in the comics, and it is only one version of him. In other universes he might really band up with Starlord. I wanted to share this one today so you guys could learn that Yondu was much more than a bounty hunter in one of the universes.