Wednesday 26 October 2016


Hey guys! Today we'll be talking about X-23. Some of you might have heard but the wrap has reported some pretty sweet facts about the new Wolverine movie called 'Logan'. A few of them we already knew like the fact that the movie will be played in the future and some stuff we could already assume seeing the trailer.
The thing which drew my attention most however was that they confirmed that the little girl traveling with Logan in the trailer will have claws like him but only two on each hand. There were a lot of rumors about X-23 being in the movie so I guess this kind off confirms it? No way of telling for sure but we'll tell you about X-23 in this post so you at least know who she is.

A top-secret program tried to recreate the original Weapon-X experiment. A lot of mutants were brought in and died because of this program. There was no mutant strong enough to endure the procedure. After a while when te scientist working on this project were on the verge of giving up when a young scientist called Sarah Kinney came up with the idea of making a clone.
They pulled all the strings they had to scramble all the DNA they had left of the original Weapon-X but it wasn't enough to make a new wolverine. The DNA was damaged and it had only x-chromosomes which meant they were not able to clone a man.
Sarah went on and made a female clone against orders, as a punishment she had to play surrogate mother to the child.

X-23 was raised and trained as a weapon. Knowing nothing but captivity there wasn't much humanity left in her. They created a special scent on which X-23 would go in animal mode and kill whatever was in front of her.
The highest bidder could pay her for a mission, where she killed numerous people. After a while her surrogate mother commanded her to kill the people leading the project so they could escape the facility but when X-23 was out obeying her mothers command one of the scientist exposed her mother to the scent. When X-23 returned she killed her mother. Right before she died she named X-23 Laura.

Again, we don't know for sure if they're going to use X-23 but you have to admit it kind off looks like it! I for one can't wait to see Logan.


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