Sunday 23 October 2016

The super-Skrull

Hi, guys! today we'll be talking about a villain whom we think is definitely worth looking in to. The super-Skrull made a lot of great appearances. If you don't know what skrull are first read this previous post!
In one of the attempts of the Skrull to invade planet earth, it were the fantastic four who stopped them. The Skrull fell back infuriated by their defeat and there leader Dorrek was determined to defeat the team of heroes.

After lot's of discussions with the best and brightest among the Skrull, Dorrek pulled all his resources to creat a sublime warrior. One of his best soldiers got chosen to experiment on and he would finally be known as the super-Skrull.
This being had all the powers of the Fantastic four for his own and could wield them all at once. His weakness was that he was empowered by a interstellar beam. The first time he meets the Fantastic Four he humiliates them. The team didn't know what they were up against and were no match.
It didn't take long for Doctor Fantastic to figure out what empowered this creature and soon he invented a machine to block the beam and they were able to defeat the super-Skrull. 

The Skrull didn't give up easily so they created a stronger beam empowering their soldier again. The super-Skrull fell and roze many times. He stood against many foe's (Thor, The fantastic four, The avengers, Captain Marvel,...). He also did a lot of notable team up's with Thanos and Ronan the accuser (Ronan will be a subject we'll write about soon). 

Soon the value of the super-Skrull became noted by a lot of parties. He fought for a lot of armies sometimes against his own will but he played a big role in a lot of great story lines. Definitely a character worth knowing. 


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