Monday 21 November 2016


Hey guys! The new Deadpool movie has been out for a while now and I think that every real  Deadpool fan will confirm it was everything we'd hoped for. If you watched until after the credits (duh) you've seen how Deadpool teases about Cable in the next movie. Lucky for you guy's I've read all the Deadpool & Cable comics so today we'll give a little info about who Cable is.

You should know Cable is a very complex character so I won't get in to every detail about his Marvel history, what I will get into is his role next to Deadpool and his powers.
Cable's real name is Nathan Summers, that's right! Summers! Cable is actually the son of Cyclops. How's that even possible? He looks way older than Cyclops! I'm glad you asked. In the comics Cable is also known as the soldier of the future. Basically Cyclops did some shady shit to conceive Cable using a clone of Jean Grey (ew!). When Cable showed much potential a lot of people held there eye on him, one of those 'people' was Apocalyps. Afraid of losing his son and out of options Scott agreed to send the boy 2.000 years into the future.

In the series 'Deadpool and Cable' Nathan is back in the present. He has a lot of powers (In my honest opinion this character is completely overpowered and could rule the whole earth.). In this story he's able to Teleport, use Telepathy, has Telekinese, Is able to travel trough time and space. Deadpool on the other hand has nothing but his healing factor. Still they weigh up against each other since Cable has a soft spot for Deadpool and throughout the story they are friends at some points and foe's at others.

Cable wants to create a 'Land' (which he makes himself using his Telekinese powers). A land free of violence, war, racisme. Basically he wants to play God. He uses his powers to surveillance everything that happens in his land and naturally it all backfires.

Weather or not this is the storyline they wil use (which is a heavy one if you ask me.) we'll have to see in the second Deadpool franchise! At least now you know a little bit more about Cable!

cable & deadpool

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