Wednesday 30 November 2016

Marvel in the real world

The Marvel universe has countless famous buildings. Stark tower, the avengers mansion, the baxter building, ... just a few of the many we all know. What if a fan were to look up the places where these buildings are supposed to stand. What if those buildings were actually based on the buildings standing in the real world.
One fan (Flickr - ChildOfAtom) asked himself these questions and went out to take a look. Some of the buildings he found kinda looked like the comic versions but I think we can all agree they're way more impressing in the comic books.   

First off we got the Baxter building. The famous hideout of the fantastic four. Personally I think this one is oké, it isn't really the same but it isn't that diffirent.

Next up, the Daily Bugle! Again not that disappointing, kind of the same colors and stuff. 

The avengers mansion! wow that kinda looks like a real mansion! I wonder if there's some real hero stuff going on in there.

The las one he went looking for is the sanctum sanctorum of Doctor Strange. Well, this is just disappointing a deli shop and a tattoo store? Come on New York!

Still it's pretty great this guy took the time looking up all the buildings! Thanks for the field work!  

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