Wednesday 7 December 2016

Howard the duck

Some of you might have heard of him, Howard the duck! A talking duck born and raised in New Stork city at Duckworld, a world a lot like ours but here the dominant species are ducks and humans do not exist. What most of you probably didn't know is that Howard is a Marvel character.

Howard always was a true disappointment. His parents Dave and Dotti weren't very proud of him. He always made a mess of things and could not keep a job. Nobody at duckworld actually really liked him. One day he runs into a power hungry demon called Thog. Thog was messing with magic in the hope to rule all of reality but instead he teleports Howard to earth.
At first Howard thinks he's still on his own planet since earth and duckworld are much alike but when he sees the whole planet is ruled by hairless monkeys he realizes what happened.

Howard wasn't alone, Thog had teleported other strange beings to earth and they teamed up to defeat the demon. Howard fought along side Korrek the barbarian, Jennifer Cale, Dakimh the enchanter and the man- thing. They did win the fight but howard got teleported again to Cleveland, Ohio.
Here Howard starts building a life and tries to keep a job. He encounters some other heroes like Spiderman and she hulk.
He also fights a lot of strange foe's named Ducktor Doom, Spider Ham, Captain Americana and Grey Panther.

I think Marvel wanted to make some kind of funny spinoff series away from all the superhero seriousness and this is how they came up with Howard the Duck. At the post credits scene in guardians of the galaxy you can see him in the colectors hall of collections and he had his own movie
back in 1986.

Howard the Duck

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