Monday 31 October 2016

Ronan the accuser

As  promised I'll be telling you guys a little more about Ronan today. You've all seen him in the first Guardians of the galaxy movie where he plays the main villain. Personally I think the Guardians were able to defeat him quit easily considering his powerful weapon. Than again it can't be easy putting all these huge Marvel stories in movies that last two hours tops so keeping that in mind his character was visualized quit decently. Here's how it all started for Ronan.

Ronan is a Kree and a very traditional one. When he was young he always had his eyes on joining the public accusers corps which is the Kree law enforcement. When he completed his studies he made his dream reality and soon rose in the ranks.
When he made a huge bust revealing Skrull soldiers who tried to travel trough Kree space he got promoted to supreme accuser. This status is the highest one among the accusers and he only had to answer to the supreme intelligence.

The characters made a lot of appearances in the fantastic four, captain Marvel, the inhumans and he plays a big part in the 'Kree - Skrull war' series. He is most known for his weapon which is a massive hamer. All accusers wield one but at some point Ronan's hamer gets empowered even more by one of the infinity stones! (This also happens in the movie).

He's a interesting character at the least and a worthy first enemy for the guardians.

Ronan the accuser

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