Sunday 13 November 2016

Ms. Marvel

You might have heard of here, you might not but she's a big character in the MCU and certainly one you should know a little something about. Today we're giving a little origins info about Ms. Marvel.

Carol Danvers always had a love for flying. When she graduated high school she gave herself up to be trained at the air force academy. People soon noticed that she had a neck for this kind of stuff and she roze in the ranks becoming a major. Since she was so good she soon got a job with the CIA where she worked with colonel Nick Fury.

In a Canadian mission she had to partner up with a agent Logan and the two shared many adventures. During their time together they became very close, maybe even lovers.
After some escapades with the CIA Carol decided to leave and joined NASA instead. It was there that her whole life changed. She met the Kree warrior called Mar-vell. During her investigation they created a unique bond and later on they as wel became lovers. Mar-vell had a lot of enemies maybe the biggest one was colonel Yon-Rogg. The evil colonel kidnapped Carol and used her as bait for Mar-vell and when he came for her during his rescue mission she got hit by a energie blow which fused Mar-vell his powers with her.

Miss Marvel was born and boy she was strong. Flight, enhanced strength, durability and the power to shoot lazer blasts from her hands. No joke! She has been a part of the X-Men (even though she isn't a mutant.) and the Avengers.

Ms. Marvel

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