Wednesday 23 November 2016


Hey everyone, today we'll be talking about Warlock. The reason for this is that Warlock's cocoon is speculated to be in the next Thor franchise. Whether or not it's true it's always fun to learn about someone new. 

Warlock was created by called 'the beehive'. They tried to make the perfect human being and Warlock is the result of their experiment. The beehive called Warlock 'him' at first. When 'him' emerged he soon sensed that the beehive would use him for evil purposes so he escaped killing a bunch of them on his way out. 
Warlock was set free in the world with no knowing of human ways or life experience non the less. He lived on nothing but instinct. Now you can only imagine what a instinctive young man would do as he encounters lady Sif… That's right, after seeing the queen of combat he tries to kidnap her in order to mate with her. 
Thor doesn't like this, not one bit so he beats Warlock until he's nearly dead. Warlock retreated to a regenerative cocoon and reborns. 

After this rebirth he get's the name Warlock from the high evolutionary who guided him and gave him purpose. One big deal is the fact that the high evolutionary gives him the soul gem which is the last missing infinity stone in the MCU universe. This means that all the stones would be on the map if they really use Warlock off course. 

Later in his story he journeys to the planet called counter earth which is kind of a parallel version of the planet earth. here he faces his greatest enemies 'the man-beast' and becomes one of the greatest heroes on counter earth.

adam warlock

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