Wednesday 1 June 2016

Civil War Comic vs Movie

Captain America: Civil War has been out in theaters for a while now. Most of you have enjoyed the movie, but I'd like to pinpoint some differences compared to the comic version. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading because this post might contain some major spoilers for you! 

The Marvel comics have had different versions of the civil war throughout the years. I'll be writing about the version written by Mark Miller, which is a recent one and the last one i've read. 

First of all you should know that the civil war is displayed in the comic's on a way bigger scale. In the movie we see a fight between 10 or 12 super heroes. In the comicbooks you'll read about a real war. I'm talking Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Punisher, Miss Marvel, ... even some villains join the fight!

In the comic books the war doesn't start with the Avengers or Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), it starts with a huge tragedy. The world is full of heroes and for to many people they're a source of inspiration. The problem starts to build up when some kids with minor super powers think they can take on a group of professional super villains. The whole operation goes south and ends with a explosion killing more than eight hundred innocent people. Tony Stark decides it's time to list all heroes, give them a proper training and he insists that only 'professional heroes' can operate in the field under the supervision of the world leaders. Rogers disagrees and goes underground with a group of rebel heroes, not willing to give up their free will. 

In the movie Black widow betrayed Stark realizing Cap wasn't going to give up, while in the comics she doesn't, in fact it's spiderman who switches sides halfway. The first part of the comicbook series he joins the fight on Ironman's side with the Iron Spider suit, which is a suit made by Ironman. Halfway the war he changed his mind after shield locked up a great deal of Captain America's followers in a secret facility. He also changed suits becoming the black spiderman!  

An other huge different is that nobody dies in the Disney movie. In the comics Goliath meets his end by the hand of Thor ragnarok! Thor ragnarok is a cloned version of Thor which Mr Fantastic, Henry Pym and Tony Stark made in the hope of securing their victory. The clone goes rogue in the heat of battle and kills Goliath. 

As you might have noticed the movie takes a whole different direction, the winter soldier isn't even in the comic books. I think it isn't easy making such an event appear on the big screen and i think MCU did a decent job. I also like how they used the movie to bring some new stuff forward (Black Panther, Spiderman, Gaintman, ...), keep up the good work MCU!

But I'd also like to suggest: if you are a marvel fan and haven't read the comic book civil war yet it's something you should try! It's one of the few 'all character' involved storylines!


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