Wednesday 22 June 2016

Spidey's gear

Everybody knows Spiderman. The web slinging hero is one of the most beloved marvel characters and has a great deal of movie and comic history behind him.

Throughout the universes there were many versions of Spiderman but today i'd like to talk about the version where he uses artificial webbing.
In the last two movies (the amazing spiderman and the amazing spiderman two) they used this version but since the series of movies was brought to an end (when Disney bought the rights of spiderman) we never really got to see the potential of his gear.

Now with the introduction of a new spiderman in the Civil War we learn that this spiderman also invents a web-shooter. Also at the end of the movie spiderman gets an upgraded web-shooter from Tony Stark. This one has the Spider-Signal, a device used in the early issues of the comics.

In the comics he also starts out with a web shooter. He invented the machine himself and was able to swing trough New York like a spider would trough his web. It also gave him a weakness, it happened more than once that an enemy broke the machine or it got jammed in a fight. This kept the whole story a little bit more interesting.
Later on Peter made various modifications to the machine. In one of the story lines he shoots fast acting sedative 'stingers' darts, in a other one he uses balls of webbing that explode when they reach the enemies.
There is even a version where he makes 2 jewelry bracelets with a webbing system inside which he gives to his wife Mary-Jane for self-defence.

As you can read they made a great deal of variations to the original web shooter. Maybe we'll see some of them in the future disney adaptions of Spiderman!

More about different kind of web-shooters can you find here.

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