Sunday 19 June 2016

X-men Apocalypse review

I'm writing this post because Apocalypse is a hot subject right now. I'd like to share the differences between the movie and the comics and I would also like to give my personal opinion about certain parts of the movie. 

If you were wondering, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I love how they brought Jean Grey and Cyclops in the picture. Also Nightcrawler was brought very good and the whole weapon X drama building up, nice job FOX looks like they really start to realize what the fans like to see. 

A few things did bother me. First of all I think they went of way to fast with the whole Phoenix power scene. Jean Grey and her inner phoenix is a major part of the comic books and I think they went over it too fast. In the comic's you'll read that Jean has no control what so ever when she released the phoenix. It would be very dangerous to unleash such an amount of power surrounded by X-Men and Xavier of the comics would never allow it.

Second I think Apocalypse went down a little to easy. We're talking about world's first mutant, more powerful than any other mutant versus a group of untrained and very young mutants. Some of them aren't even able to control their powers yet, let alone use them in combat. Apocalypse is the most serious and most powerful villain in the whole X-Men series so I wonder who will top him in the next movie. Wouldn't they have been better off starting the X-Men with an easier bad guy and save Apocalypse for later? 

Last of all I think the end was a little weird. Magneto being best buddies with Xavier again. I mean his story is kind off on replay the last few movies. Him being a good guy, than a tragic accident killing his family makes him evil and finally Xavier comes along to make him a good guy again. 

All that being said I stay with my previous statement. Overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and I like how they're building up the classics. 

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