Sunday 5 June 2016

T'Challa, The black panther

The black panther is a hot subject these days. We all got a first look at him in the civil war movie and he was absolutely bad ass. In this post we'll be putting him under the looking glass so you'll know a little something extra about this character.

T'Challa becomes king of the fictional Wakanda when his father is killed. Way back, a meteor made of the sound absorbing metal 'Vibranium' fell on Wakanda. Knowing this was a very rare and powerful metal T'Chakka (father of T'Challa) decides to close the borders of his lands and hide the metal from outsiders. The Panther clan does a great job hiding the stuff but a scientist named Ulysses Klaw is able to get his hands on the stuff. Forging a weapon out of it he's able to kill the ruler of Wakanda. This unlike in the last Captain America (Civil War) where his fathers assassination was arranged by Helmut Zemo.

T'Challa takes his place on the throne and decides to use the weapon that Klaw made and armed his troops with it. At this point Wakanda is even harder to infiltrate since the weapons are very powerful.

Black panther is the title that is given too the protector of Wakanda and after proving himself T'Challa earns the name. He joins the Avengers for a while but has a lot of solo adventures as well.

Something we won't see on the big screen is T'Challa's wedding. At least not the one he has in the comic books because the black panther marries Storm from the X-Men! As we know FOX owns the rights on X-Men and Disney on Black Panther so the crossover probably won't happen.

I'm excited to see his solo movie but it'll be something we'll have to wait for until 2018. Until than we always have the comics!


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