Sunday 26 June 2016

A variety of Hulks

If you thought there was only one Hulk you're wrong. Oké, there is only one true hulk as we know him from the movies. There is only one original Hulk, but a few were able to get hulk like powers. Today we'll tell you all about them.

First let me start off with the original Hulk. We all know the basics don't we? Genius professor who is a little bit too curious. Experiments with Gamma radiation for military research and ends up turning into a giant, green rage monster. Every time Bruce gets angry or when his hart rate goes up he changes again. What many don't know is that in some comics the Hulk turns grey from time to time. Grey hulk is a version of the Hulk where Bruce Banner is able to control his transformation. In this version the Hulk is able to think like a genius making him smarter but less dangerous.

The second well known Hulk is the red Hulk. There appears a moment in the comic books where the abomination gets killed. When researching the body shield concluded that this could not have been done by anyone else than the Hulk. The only problem with that theorie was that the Hulk was imprisoned at Gamma base at the time. All out of nowhere there shows up a red Hulk who's up to no good.The green Hulk tried to controle his powers and tried to keep himself form changing. This new red Hulk enjoyed the change and was out of control. After a lot of drama it all comes to a Hulk face off! Naturally our green Hulk wins finding out that red's body temperature rises every time he gets more angry. After being defeated Hulk finds out that red is actually general Ross, Hulk's arch enemy.

She-Hulk! off course there is a lady Hulk. Jennifer Walters is the niece of Bruce Banner. Jennifer gets  in trouble with the LA mob and gets shot several times in the chest. Luckily Bruce was in town that day and finds her left for dead in an alley. She's in desperate need of blood and wouldn't make it to the hospital so finding no other way around it Bruce gives some of his own blood creating she-Hulk. Jennifer has the same powers of the hulk but in smaller proportions.

In the Planet Hulk series we follow Hulk in outer space. Left for dead on a planet full of insects he fights his way up as a slave in a arena. Later on the story he starts a rebellion with the slaves and finally becomes ruler of the planet. He marries a alien named Caiera and gets a son. Hulk stories hardly know to have a happy end, so in this case the planet gets exploded by stark tech. Nobody survives the blast with exception of the Hulk and his son Skaar. Skaar has the same powers but again in smaller proportions and also inherited the power to withstand heat and draw energie from the planet underneath his feet, an ability he got from his mom.

You're able to see a large part of the Hulk persona's together in the cartoon series 'Agents of Smash'. Other Hulk like characters like The Abomination and A-Bomb are also in this series.

If you still want to read more! Like about the Red She-Hulk, or the Savage She-Hulk, Glop, .... I found a good site here

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