Sunday 29 May 2016

Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange! The next big Marvel movie is set to be on the big screen in November 2016. You've probably all seen the trailer (if you haven't, you can watch it down below!). With this post we hope to shine a light on the basic storyline of the Sorcerer Supreme. We don't really know what MCU will do with the story but it's always fun to know the basics about a character who's getting his first movie.

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange starts out as a successful neurosurgeon. He's a genius at what he does and has a huge ego. Sounds familiar? Yes, there are a few similarities between the start of Strange and Stark but they couldn't be more different. Strange get's in a car accident, which inconveniently ruins his hands. A neurosurgeon without hands to work with isn't much of a neurosurgeon so Stephen sets to travel the world hoping to find someone who can fix his disability.
Somewhere along the way he meets the ancient one. At first he's skeptical about the whole magic and mystique stuff but it doesn't take the ancient much of an effort to make Stephen a believer.
The sorcerer Supreme is the title of the person protecting the earth from all that is mystical. The ancient one wore the title for a long time but he wants Stephan to take over this burden. After a great deal of learning and training Stephan takes his place in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Stephan's greatest enemy is Baron Mordo who's the ancient one's first disciple. When Mordo's planning to betray and kill his master Stephan tries to interfere. At this point Stephan did not yet have any magic powers or knowing of the mystic arts but by his action he shows his truly good colors.

If we take a look at MCU's past i think this movie will be an other success. All we can do is wait, if there'll be new updates about the movie we'll be sure to let you know! 

Doctor Strange

Trailer Marvel's Doctor Strange:

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