Wednesday 15 June 2016

Weapon X

Weapon X! Is a big subject to talk about. For those who don't know, Weapon X is the name of an evil government organisation with as main purpose turning mutants into weapons. Throughout the years there are three well known versions of the organisation. This is what we'll be writing about today.

The first appearance of Weapon X is in the early nineteens. The weapon X facility was created by the Canadian government and it's best known victim is of course Wolverine! The leader of this mad experiment was John Sublime also the leader of an even bigger organisation called Weapon plus, which was a supersoldier program that started in the forties created to hunt down Mutants. Weapon X was the first branch of the organisation experimenting on Mutants.

They had the tools to erase or even alter the memories of their 'patients' making them into the perfect killers. After the successful first subject they made a team. You guessed it! Team X was born containing Wolverine, Sabertooth, Maverick, Silver Fox, Mastodon and Kestrel. The team didn't last very long since Native (An other mutant with a healing factor and heightened senses) made Wolverine see the truth and helped him escape. So in a raging storm Wolverine killed almost every person in the building and left Weapon X dead behind.

Weapon X DeadPool Wolverine

The second time Weapon X rises it became independent from Weapon Plus. They started to create a new series of soldiers amongst whom Deadpool (the merc with a mouth) and Garisson Kane. These soldiers originally all got a piece of Wolverine's DNA explaining their healing factor. In other universes they are forced to mutate under extreme circumstances.

The last big version of Weapon X is the one where Malcolm Colcord is in charge. Here the organisation is doing what Weapon plus originally intended to do. Track down mutants and catch them! Malcolm was a security guard of the original Weapon X and when Wolverine  brought down hell while escaping Malcolm got badly scarred. Seeking vengeance he collected enough money to rebuild Weapon X. This time America funded the organisation. They didn't made living weapons but created camp's for mutants where they had to work and live under terrible circumstances. Afterwards you can read in the "House of M" crossover series that half of all mutants around the world including the ones in Weapon X lose their powers because of Scarlett Wich. After this the third and last version of Weapon X seized to exist.

Weapon X Wolverine

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