Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Defenders

The Defenders! A team up we're all looking forward to. After the great succes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix is planning to work towards a superhero team up.

The Defenders will be a four hero team containing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. I don't know if this was the plan since day one but it kind of makes some sense.
In the comicbooks the defenders are not the loud and public kind of team like the Avengers or the X-men. But they're an underground group of heroes who help each other out from time to time. No official meeting place, no rulebook or guideline for the team members. And in a lot of stories several members even dislike each other.

The original founding member of the defenders is Doctor Strange. He manipulated Price Namur to join in on a team up with Hulk. (These are big names, most of them already in the MCU so it's understandable Netflix choose a different setup). Prince Namur and Hulk didn't get along very well but Doctor Strange was somehow able to keep the bunch together. Later on a lot of heroes joined in for a while like Daredevil and Luke Cage but a lot of them didn't stay for long.

Now to get back to the Netflix members, some fun facts:
Jessica Jones used to go to the same high school as Peter Parker (Spiderman). Which kind off makes sense since Spiderman has his own team including Nova, Power man (Luke Cage), White Cat and Iron Fist. All these heroes are from around the same neighborhoods so it's fun to see them cross over in each others storylines.

It's not a bad idea to use this team in the Netflix series since the genre of past seasons was pretty underground. The heroes we've seen so far (Jessica Jones and Daredevil) aren't the biggest team players as well, so putting them together should be interesting to say at the least.

If we hear more about the future Netflix plans we'll be sure to let you know!

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