Thursday 15 December 2016

Wing Suit Spidey

If you haven’t read the early Spiderman versions (I’m talking real old, the first versions of Spidey created back in 1962) you probably didn’t know that Spidey originally had the small web wings (kind of like a flying squirrel).

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both didn’t have these but we now know that Tom Holland will rock the wings in his new suit! He won’t actually be able to fly (no use for the web shooters that way) but he will be able to glide above New York city.
If you think about it, it’s not a bad feature to have when you’re able to swing around the city. He is already kind of falling every time he lets go of his web and with the wing-suit he can guide his fall.

As we know Spidey will be facing the Volture in his upcoming movie so it might come in handy against a airborne endemie.
We don’t really know if Spidey added the wings himself or if it’s a update that Stark provided.
I like how there is a logical explanation on how Spidey gets his fancy suit. In the older films Peter Parker makes his own suits but I never found that it made much sense since they had limited resources as a normal teenage kid and still made amazing looking suits.
Stark making the suit just looks way more logical.

Spiderman Web Wings

Sunday 11 December 2016

The Vulture

The Vulture! You guys might have seen this coming. I haven’t written about him before but since we always try to stay up to date on al the media we just had to handle this one.
If you haven’t seen the Spiderman homecoming trailer shame on you! Hurry to our Facebook page and watch it right away. Seriously!

If you have seen it, good fan! One of the most shocking reveals to me was the Vulture. I was quit sure that Shocker would be the main villain and i’d already posted about it (here). Maybe they’ll use two villains or maybe the rumours were just nonsens. It doesn’t really matter since now you’ll get to read about a second classic Spiderman villain.

Adrian Toomes was a former electronics engineer. He designed a suit which allowed him to fly and gave him superhuman strength. He’s a remorseless killer and quit old. It’s clear since he tries to regain youth many times in the comic series. At one point he even steals Peter’s youth leaving Peter Parker old but that (of course) did not last very long.

He teamed up a lot of times with other villains in order to kill the webslinger. He’s been part of almost every version of the sinister six.

When we look at the suit that will be used in the movie we can see it wil be way more mechanical than the comic versions which kind of makes sense since you else have to explain how a man is able to fly with a simple suit made of feathers and fur.
Still they did keep the typical green colour which is nice. All things aside the trailer looks great and i really just can’t wait for this to happen!

the vulture

Sunday 4 December 2016

Brazil Comic-Con CCXP 2016

Hi guys,

This years Brazil Comic-Con (1-4/12/2016) had some treats for us Marvel fans!

Brazil Comic-Con 2016

If you haven't seen it already director James Gunn revealed a teaser for the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Wednesday 28 September 2016


A recent leaked picture from the set of Spiderman Homecoming shows us who might be the villain in the new Spiderman franchise! As you can see on the picture below we can be pretty sure the next villain wil be Shocker!

Of course we'll be telling you a little something about this villain so you can speculate about what the movie wil look like.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Spidey's gear

Everybody knows Spiderman. The web slinging hero is one of the most beloved marvel characters and has a great deal of movie and comic history behind him.

Throughout the universes there were many versions of Spiderman but today i'd like to talk about the version where he uses artificial webbing.
In the last two movies (the amazing spiderman and the amazing spiderman two) they used this version but since the series of movies was brought to an end (when Disney bought the rights of spiderman) we never really got to see the potential of his gear.

Now with the introduction of a new spiderman in the Civil War we learn that this spiderman also invents a web-shooter. Also at the end of the movie spiderman gets an upgraded web-shooter from Tony Stark. This one has the Spider-Signal, a device used in the early issues of the comics.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Same heroes, different universes

If you only know Marvel because of the movies and you'd like to pick up the comic books. This might be a interesting post for you. It might also clear the air for some people who've not been reading comicbooks for that long.

When Marvel started out it was just a guy drawing comics. I can imagine he never dreamt it would ever become this big. At first he created characters and story's. It soon became a succes so there came more characters and more stories. But after years and years of writing at some point you just can't keep on inventing characters. Also at some other point the stories of the really popular characters came at an end so they had to find a solution. This is when they decided to create different universes.

In this post we'll be using Spiderman as an example. Once the first storyline of Spiderman and a great deal of other heroes ended they started over with a new universe. They would take the whole thing back to zero and start over. The character names would stay the same, we'd still be reading about Peter Parker and he would probably still have his spider powers but the main story would change completely. Maybe this time he would not have a girlfriend, or the villains would be way stronger. There are even universes where our heroes are villains!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Civil War Comic vs Movie

Captain America: Civil War has been out in theaters for a while now. Most of you have enjoyed the movie, but I'd like to pinpoint some differences compared to the comic version. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading because this post might contain some major spoilers for you! 

The Marvel comics have had different versions of the civil war throughout the years. I'll be writing about the version written by Mark Miller, which is a recent one and the last one i've read.