Sunday 2 October 2016


We've already talked about the infinity gauntlet a few posts back (if you missed that post click here). Today we'd like to shine a light on the one who uses this insane weapon, where did he come from? Why does he seek to rule the galaxy? That's right today we'll be talking about Thanos!

Thanos was one of the last son's of A'Lars. He was one of the Eternals on the planet Titan but he was not like the others of his kind. Due to his Deviant syndrome he had a massive body and as a child he soon became obsessed with the concept of death.

Growing up he gained power by several ways (bionic implants, meditation, ...) and soon he became stronger and more powerful than all the other Eternals on Titan. With his hunger for power, grew his ambition and desire for conquest. One day he stole a star ship and traveled many systems recruiting soldiers for an army he was building.
When he returned home, he bombed his own planet so heavy, that only a hand full of his kind survived. He even killed his own mother and crowned himself ruler of Titan.

A few years later he met the embodiment of Death itself. The creature was in female form and she felt attracted to Thanos. This was the first time ever where Thanos felt love for another living creature. To prove himself he wanted to gain more power and this is when he fixed his eyes on earth and the infinity stones.

We'll be seeing a lot more of Thanos in the future MCU films. Now that you've done your homework by reading this post, you at least know where the next big villain came from.


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