Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Mandarin

Today we'll be writing about the Mandarin. Most of you will know him from the Iron Man 3 franchise and even tough the movie wasn't all that bad they did ruin a great character. If you've watched the movie you've seen that their version of the Mandarin was nothing more than a crook. A homeless man called Travor Slattery picked from the street and used as a distraction while the real evil was happening behind the scenes.

Nothing is further away from the truth behind this character! In the comic books the Mandarin is a real villain and even an arch nemesis of Tony Stark. Read further to find out what the Mandarin is really about! 

The father of the Mandarin was a very wealthy man. He claimed to be a direct descendant of the great Genghis Khan. His mother was also a rich noble woman form England. Both of his parents died right after he was born so he grew up with his aunt. The aunt wasn't very happy about it since she hoped to get a slice of the familie fortune by raising the boy but despite of that all the money they had went straight to the Mandarin's education in science and material arts.
When the boy reached adulthood he had no money left and lost his familie property.

In search for revenge on the society that made him homeless, he explored the valley of spirits. A dark place where no human beings had ever set foot upon for centuries. It was there that he found an alien ship with dragon like creatures aboard of it. He studied their science and technologie and became a master of the Makluan ways and was able to wield the ten rings aboard of the ship. 
Soon he had enough power, even the chinees army did not challenge him!

Later he tried many times to rule the earth and he would have succeeded if it wasn't for his American Arch Nemesis Iron Man.

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