Thursday 13 October 2016

cloak and dagger

For today we have more news about the marvel series. At the NY comic con people got a real surprise when they went to the Iron Fist panel. Not only were all the 'defenders' actors there united for the first time, the producer of the series Jeph Loeb gave away who will play the villain against the Defenders in their first season. 

The chosen actress is Sigourney Weaver. If you don't know her, she's the lady from all the alien movies. Which villain she will play is yet unknown. 

Also there is rumored that there will also come a Cloak and Dagger series, you might not know them but they're a pretty cool duo! here's some extra info about their origins. 

Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen were both runaways who'd met in NY. Tyrone (Cloak) had a speaking disability. One day he and his friend were falsely accused of robbing a bank. Under pressure by the police Tyrone wasn't able to explain what really went down because of his stutter. The police shot his friend and Tyrone blames himself for it. Tandy (Dagger) was different, she came from a very rich family and ran away because her rich and beautiful mom considered her modelling career more important than raising her daughter. 
When Tyrone first met Tandy he was trying to steal her purse. Before he had a chance someone else stole it and eventually he retrieved it for her. That's how they became friends. 
One night naive Tandy accepts an offer for shelter from a shady guy. Tyrone tags along to protect her. The guy turns out to be a heroine dealer and he delivers the kids to a chemist who makes new kinds of drugs. He uses homeless kids to test it on with sometimes horrible results.
Somehow Tyrone and Tandy survive their injections, even better! They became super humans.There are speculations that they were actually mutants and that the drugs only awakened their abilities. 
Cloak (Tyrone) was surrounded by darkness, he became master of it and felt a hunger for darkness within humans. He was able to absorb humans and he feels a constant urge to do so.
Dagger (Tandy) was the only one who could lighten his hunger for she was master of light. She helped him by luring thugs and rapists towards him, she wold take them out with her daggers of light and he would absorb the darkness within them.


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