Sunday 16 October 2016


Many of you will have watched Luke Cage already, some might still have to check it out. In our previous post we talked about Luke from a comic book perspective (you can read it here). If you've read it you'll notice we also talked about his arch nemesis Diamond Back.
In the series it's also his greatest foe but his first real foe is Cotton Mouth, we thought you'd like to learn a little more about this gangster crimelord.

Cottonmouth was a drug lord behind what he claimed to be the most successful drug cartel in the whole country. His right hand mand Slick was always by his side. Luke Cage was offered a job in the mob hierarchy by Cottonmouth (notice that this also happens in the beginning of the series). Luke pretends to take the job, to gain proof about the setup that had put him in jail years ago (as you can read in our previous Luke Cage post).
Slick doesn't trust Luke one bit and claims he has to prove himself so Cottonmouth sends him out to retrieve drugs that was stolen from him. Luke does the job but informs to the police. Cottonmouth finds out and isn't very happy about it. A fight between the two breaks out and during the fight Luke throws Slick trough the window. Slick didn't survive the fall and when Luke tries to force Cottonmouth to talk he finds out that the only one who had info on the setup was Slick he had now killed.

Angry and desperate Luke gives Cottonmouth to the police who gave him a one way ticket to jail and Luke continued his search for proof about his past.

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