Wednesday, 28 September 2016


A recent leaked picture from the set of Spiderman Homecoming shows us who might be the villain in the new Spiderman franchise! As you can see on the picture below we can be pretty sure the next villain wil be Shocker!

Of course we'll be telling you a little something about this villain so you can speculate about what the movie wil look like.

The real name of this villain is Herman Schultz, and he is a professional criminal. Not a very good one at first since he got imprisoned a couple of times but after a while he makes himself a suit which gives him the abilities to send shockwaves towards his enemies and obstacles. He is even able to open vaults with the suit which makes the whole robing banks thing a whole lot easier.
In his first encounter with Peter Parker he defeats the boy but that's only because Peter didn't really know what he was running in to.

Soon Spiderman became the arch nemesis of Shocker and they went toe to toe more than a couple of times.
He doesn't really do huge crimes and isn't really after world domination or anything, he usually does it for the money but he is never the less known as one of spiderman's stronger foe's.
Shocker is also known to tinker with his suit and adapt his gear depending on his enemies.

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