Sunday 24 July 2016


In this post we'll be giving you a little inside info about Storm also known as Ororo Monroe.
Every few post we'll be speaking about a specific character. You might think you know most marvel characters judging by the movies and some comicbook appearances, but a lot of heroes have a really cool and interesting origin story.

Ororo is actually a descendant from a very wealthy and ancient line of African priestesses. Her mom was a princess and her dad was a American photojournalist. When they lived in Egypt a plane crashed on their house in a Arab-Israeli conflict. Both her parents died but the little girl survived. This incident is the reason why Storm is claustrophobia.

When she escaped the rubble the girl had nothing but her shattered clothes and her mothers ancient ruby. Some kids on the street found her and brought her to their master. Achmed el-Gibar trained Ororo in the arts of thievery and she soon became his prize pupil. One day in her young years she even tried to pick pocket Charles Xavier himself. At that moment Charles was able to stop her but at the same time he was busy fighting off an other telepathic hero and this distraction gave her a chance to escape. 

After a while she left the city and wandered around. When almost being raped by a stranger she accidentally killed the man. After that incident she swore never to kill a human being again. She wandered further and almost died crossing the Sahara desert. This is when her weather controlling powers developed. Later she saved T'Challa (Black Panther; with whom she later has a romantic relation) from a group of kidnappers. 

Years later she was forced to fight a fellow weather controlling mutant 'Deluge' who was up to no good. A group of gifted heroes called the X-men helped her in this battle. When the heroes told their leader Xavier about Ororo he recruited her. The rest is history. As you can see a lot of heroes have a great history and had a long way before becoming the hero we all know. 

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