Monday 16 May 2016

The Maximoff twins

In the recent 'age of Ultron' movie, Disney has painted a pretty good picture of the Maximoff twins Pietro and Wanda. Pietro who is both impulsive and a little bit overprotective. Wanda who has trouble controling her powers and who doesn't even realize how much power she actually has. the characteristics were on point. 

Disney wasn't really specific about how they got their powers (something about Strucker experimenting with Loki's staf). The reason why the Disney movie doesn't really explain their origin story is easy. Wanda and Pietro (aka Scarlett witch and Quicksilver) are originally mutants!! Even better, they aren't just any mutants they are the children of Magneto himself! As we know FOX owns the rights on the x-men so that's why it was never mentioned in the Disney film. 

The shocking death of Quicksilver at the end of Avengers age of Ultron is a strange turn of events since the twins become two of the oldest members of the avengers in te comics. Wanda even falls in love with her fellow avenger The Vision at one point. 

Fox has already brought their version of quicksilver in the 'Days of future past' movie so chances are we're going to see the twins next to their old man on the big screen one day! 

The Maximoff twins

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