Wednesday 20 July 2016


Today I'll be giving a little background on Nightcrawler. This mutant has appeared twice in Marvel movies (X-men 2 and X-men Apocalypse). Both adaptions painted a good physical picture about the character. He's hard not to notice with his blue skin and devil's tail but his family history was never brought up in the movies.

Nightcrawler was raised by Margali Szardos. Margali was gypsy sorceress traveling with a circus. She always claimed that she found Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) in a ditch next to his dead father but this was just a lie to keep the boy safe. The truth is that Nightcrawlers real mom is Mystique also known as Raven Darkholme and his father is the notorious warlord called Azazel.

When Mystique had Nightcrawler she heard that a mob found out about the kid. Afraid for her own and the kid's fait and not being able to take responsibility for her child she throws him in a well. Azazel being the father was not able to let go of the child zo he saved the boy from his fall in secret and gave the baby to his mistress Margali.

Nightcrawler is blue like his mother but has a tail and the mutant powers of his dad. His powers are teleportation, superhuman agility and reflexes, night vision and being able to blend into shadows. His skin color and tail were things he had since birth but his abilities only emerged when he was a teenager.

traveling from place to place, the word of the mysterious nightcrawler soon spread. A big american circus heard about him and bought over the small circus where Kurt lived. They drugged the kid and placed him in a freakshow. A young mutant boy with the ability to sense other mutants saved him and Nightcrawler fled to Germany hoping to find his stepbrother Stefan.

Kurt and Stefan grew up together. Stefan did also spend a lot of time with Kurt in the circus but wat Kurt didn't expect, is to find out that his brother had become mad. Stefan had killed several children in his madness. When Nightcrawler tries to stop his mental brother, a fight breaks out and eventually Kurt kills Stefan.

The people from the village blame Nightcrawler for killing the children and call him a daemon and just when they're about to kill him Xavier freezes time and recruits Nightcrawler for the X-men.

I could write hours about what Kurt did with te X-men because he's a key characters in the stories but  the point of this post was to tell you about his origins before the X-men came along. We hope you enjoyed reading!

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